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  1. luv ur box dude.....:-)

  2. I'm not crazy, I just have waaaaay too much imagination, so if anyone needs some just tell me, 5 quid a pound! But now I'm really gonna shut up and let someone else get back on topic...!
  3. Getting reeeeally OT here but what the hey.... Yeah I guess I can send it if you people are too lazy to get that canoe!!! *Opens the bottom drawer and gets out a few chocolate cake shaped envelopes* To get back on topic, how about using poisoned chocolate cake for self defense? I think that'd work very well! Imagine this, you're on your way home from the pub and then a big guy, I mean really friggin huge, like seven feet tall and six feet wide with a bushy black beard and red eyes steps out from behind a lamppost and says the following: Robber: "Hohoho, I'm gonna rob you, please hold still while I do so" You: "Oh, sure thing, but before that could I tempt you with some cake"? Robber: "Why thank you, you are the nicest person I've ever robbed"! Then make pleasant small talk with him while waiting for the 15 pounds of arsenic you jammed into the dough to take effect and then walk home safely. I don't see any way this could possibly fail!
  4. OI! I never said anything about strawberries and whipped cream, whaddayall think I'm a millionaire?? :S I just made a chocolate cake btw, that's one up from cookies so anyone that read the post and wants their reward better buy themselves a canoe and start paddling towards Finland!
  5. Haha I know ^^ Sorry, I'll keep my pie hole shut in the future
  6. I seriously laughed SO hard at that, dunno why... xD Really couldn't agree more with this. In my opinion carrying any firearm is a very bad idea unless you are REALLY comfortable with the weapon in question... That is my opinion no matter in how bad a neighborhood you live, chances are that if you are in a situation where you couldn't do with less than a firearm the one attacking you won't care wether he harms or maybe even kills you or not, while you most likely would hesitate at least a little to even harm the guy, and that hesitation could easily end with the attacker having your gun or firing his / hers at you first. So really as the good Sir zomgroflman pointed out, if you aren't ready to seriously harm another person in the blink of an eye, for heavens sake don't carry a gun! I really would recommend 5% or stronger OC gas (if anyone doubts how powerful that stuff is, try it), it's insanely quick and easy to use and VERY effective! Plus I promise you won't hesitate much to use that since it's just a "little cloud of gas", assuming of course you get the stuff that comes out of the can like a sort of mist/cloud (forgive me I only really know the proper terms in Finnish and Swedish..). It's I'd say 99.9% non-lethal, some people are allergic to it, but at least they'll make friends with the EpiPen when the ambulance arrives, but it will give you time to escape from pretty much anyone, or stay there and call the police and laugh at the guy for being stupid enough to try and rob you! As Valkyrie also said, it really is awful to get sprayed with it, you can't describe it and you can't imagine how it feels until you've tried it yourself. A taser ain't too bad an idea either, but they MIGHT not work if the target gets too close and they sure as heck don't work if the guy's too far away, and with a weapon like the Taser C2 you pretty much have one chance to hit the guy whereas you have maybe even 4 chances with the gas (that's with the size MK-3.5 that I carry at work). A stun gun however is a really bad idea in my opinion since you have to get so close to your target. If he's further away than your arms length it obviously won't work unless you throw the stun gun at him, which probably isn't the best idea... ;D For you I really wouldn't recommend a telescopic baton either, in fact I wouldn't recommend anyone carry that around with them. It's by far the most dangerous of all the weapons I've mentioned here (except for a firearm obviously), especially if the person using it is drunk. I myself trust my skills in hand to hand combat enough to only have Hatch SGX11 Street Guard cut resistant gloves on when I'm out at night to be able to disarm someone with a knife by grabbing the blade if other techniques to get it fail. Most people that try to rob you aren't that good fighters anyway and there aren't THAT many guns on the streets here so I don't really worry about that, but even so I've still had to run a few times... This is all experience talking so if anyone has any opinions or own experiences with any of the things I've talked about I'd love to hear it, either here or on xfire/msn since this is pretty much the stuff that I work with. But really, for self defense I'd strongly recommend you get some form of OC gas spray! As I said it's easy and fast to use, VERY effective, it's reliable and it's not a big or heavy thing to carry around. Also it is the second to last thing I'd give up if I'd have to give away one thing at a time from the equipment belt I carry, the gun and telescopic baton going long before the gas and the last thing to go would be the latex gloves... To anyone that doesn't know why it will sound strange but it really makes perfect sense... ;D And holy f*ck I just realized what time it is, 0503 and I've written a serious goddamn book on the subject... Medals, hugs and cookies with milk will be awarded for anyone that actually reads all of that... Time to grab a few Zs! Cheerio folks! \\TiKe
  7. Hear yee hear yee! I'd like to report (what might be an old) bug, but as I feel it'd be quite important to get it fixed and I can't find any other post about it I shall now make one! We had a player called "Ra" that was ghost nading on Killbox on the 21 of March 2010, around 2130 GMT +2. As this was a new situation for me I asked a leader what to do and was told to warn the guy and then kick him if he didn't stop. So I tried "!warn Ra Stop ghost nading or you will be kicked, this is your first and last warning" and the result of that was for some reason "Player "Ra" not found." I figured he must have seen the warning anyways so I tried "!kick Ra STOP GHOST NADING". Same result. Well that didn't stop me so desperate to restore order on the server I thought ahaaaa, !pl, there's the solution! 3=>Ra. Well then I kicked number 3 for ghost nading and to my horror I saw the text ".....kicked player "REDD3VIL.......". After a few kicks and "I'm really sorry REDD"'s I asked Duckie for help. He at first had the same problems, but when he kicked number 3 two times rapidly it first kicked REDD3VIL and then the ghost nader Ra... Now this ain't good cause I kinda wanna kick the right players and not some poor guy that hasn't done ANYTHING wrong, but happens to have the number 3 in his name. =( Fortunately he understood the situation and forgave us after we told him what the situation was and apologized... ...again. Now I am a big fan of discipline, order and swift justice, otherwise I wouldn't be working with what I am, but in this case justice was let down by an annoying little bug in the system, so PLEASE, could someone take a look at this and try to resolve it so the correct people get punished in the future? As we say in Finland, Kiitos ja Anteeksi! (Thanks and Sorry) Ta ta for now, I'll cya'll on the battlefield! \\TiKe
  8. thanks for posting on my clan application!...see u!...:)

  9. comment cherry pop

  10. I have a feeling I am not on the roster either. 1. Link to me profile 2. That would be Trial for now 3. Link to trial accepted app Thanks in advance! //TiKe
  11. Mine would be foldacup feel free to add me! Also if someone could accept the Join Clan on xfire.com I'd appreciate it! =) Happy Hunting! //TiKe
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