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  2. Rex here. P.s: Raskin hope your cat gets better. P.p.s: I'm curious what Ambush's cats look like.
  3. Tervetuloa *ghi and *wiz Jep, this explains what I saw in the game. You two are adorable.
  4. Lumi

    Fins are booring :)

    Eikö olekin oikein käyttää sanaa "Finn"? Finns are not half as boring as you see it, especially on Friday nights and weekends.
  5. Yup, all starts well ends well. :)Thx for clarifying it, Aniky.
  6. Eh, I'm terrible at explaining things. But it seems that a bug occurred at the end of the map Base Race, and the timer stopped. One of the two teams need to score 1 so the game can continue. Then there was an argument , some ppl stopped resisting, some ppl continued shooting. Well, in the end, Rabit(I didn't catch his name) came back with an objective and for some reason he refused to "BRING IT BACK". So there were like 7 - 10 people surrounding him and pushing him. There was an awful amount of yelling and cursing at that time. Lol, it's like watching ice hockey.
  7. Loooooool, it was the game of my life. Too much fun! :D The ending was also epic. For some reason rabit refuse to win this game at the end. It's a pity I didn't take any screenshots.

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