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  1. How you feel not being killed by Elsarof in HC for many months?

  2. HC is good as it's now. maybe taking off paner of the weapons' list is kinda a good idea but major changes are not welcome to be honest.
  3. Hi els good luck joining the clan mate i made a funny picture for you i hope you like it




  4. Hello, So I've a question for all Alien movies fans, will be there another a sequel or another movies of Alien:covenant to complete its story? from the news I heard that disney bought fox and they may cancel the whole thing of prometheus story, well isn't that a shame? anyone got news from ridley scott confirming anything? I really want its story to be completed. thank you
  5. Magyar is stroooooong haha thanks mate.
  6. Well it has been probably 6 years on HC server and I haven't introduced myself yet.. as you most of you know I'm Egyptian ( of Turk-albanian origin). .. I've been playing E.T for years on different servers but i got attracted by HC because of it's members ( Stalker, Bubzle,Cheep,Achilles,Stryder,antichrist,fish dude, nub, darkman,peaceman,johnnycolorado, etc..) and of course ELSAROF the best player HC ever had thanks and god bless you all.
  7. Hello,

    I have a complain against Chuckun, he mis using his powers, he set me lvl 1  again after i was a level 2 community regular.. dunno why he did so, that's a screen shot. he said he has every right to take levels from trolls !!


    1. Sonofdoc


      @Elsarof Hello, feel free to fill out the correct format and submit at a admin abuse report here, DD will probably not see what you directly sent him above: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/71-admin-abuse/

    2. daredevil


      Next time don't try to threaten to mute leaders and troll for levels? 

    3. Elsarof


      Threaten how? it's a joke i do with leaders, i do it with stryder, ogeazy,cheep etc .. it's not like it's real? how come i can mute them?

      lvl2 only can use team1 and team2 cmds .. there is not mute or ban cmd for them.

  8. Indeed, I've to create new profile in ET main each time I login in, dunno why,seems like profiles aren't saved.
  9. How to overcome this problem? I already have a name in userinfo
  10. I really should worry , small land surrounded by 20 arab countries + tens of militias , anytime they can take over their inventory of nukes , not to mention chemical weapons. P.S : Israel ain't the strongest , they kinda got the best air forces (if we add the f-35) , but compared to Egypt with the arrival of rafales , mig-35 and 220 f-16 + Saudia air forces alone , they don't don't have edge. Anyway israel is a mistake to be placed in middle east .
  11. I agree for the total withdrawal of nukes from Middle east (including Israel) , or else ISIS will capture it sooner or later. the way ISIS works gives them advantage to infiltrate in any country they want , because simply they aren't a regime in one area , they are (theory and thoughts) , anyone can join them from east to west , they can be everywhere like the air that's why it's kinda impossible to stop even with nukes.
  12. Elsarof

    juicy is 33

    Happy Birthday , Paypal not available in my country , if you use Payza no problem.

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