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  1. played to day et but i suck but my aim was there but i lake dirty bomb its go faster not so slow hope moore pople try it frag on
  2. played some now think it's really funny hope several tests agrees RiPp3r ET on steroids hehe : D
  3. I think the 80's are best on the time I was out at discos and picked up girls o partied with pals damn what I miss the time and the music , it was a fun time
  4. tomato cheese from Norway is so good then stored priest cheese from Sweden
  5. it was a fun game a litle lake ET but was harder but only playd fore a few days soo iam noob hehe
  6. ET is goldrush,bremen,supplydepot
  7. hello my brother showed me et thought it looked like fun , but in the beginning it was not so fun for he took me all the time since he stopped playing I trained since I was not equally owned hehe
  8. hope 8 is as good as the others look forward to against when it comes
  9. I look at [link removed].se good free that nice and i look series like falling skies , dominion , the last man on earth , true blood sons of anarchy is wery good Sons of Anarchy
  10. B-B

    Best ET server :)

    fun 1 and hardcore silent1
  11. I drove 260 km / h with my Kawasaki 900 Ninja
  12. My favorite car is porce 911 always wanted a car like but a little pricey of course, but if I win the lottery I buy one

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