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  1. Mainly a Dirty bomber these days :)

    1. Helsen


      sad to hear that, but hf :)

    2. RiPp3r


      Thanks. Loving it. Its a great game.


  2. Tried some ET today.. but it was like playing in sirup.. Been playing Dirty Bomb and lost The ET feel.. ET folks try Dirty bomb! It rox!

  3. Yep. I need a new comp to play it aswell
  4. Call of Duty:Blackops 3 is released today. Any takers? It looks fun http://store.steampowered.com/app/311210/?snr=1_5_9__205
  5. Now i have all the mercs that i want. Some grinding and even a little cash spent. All mercs exept Phantom and Rhino. Pretty decent loadouts aswell. SawB i have SMG 9. SkyH M4. Just got the merc stoker and really like him with the Timik. Now the hunt is on for some nice goldcards for each of my favorite mercs
  6. Who plays DB @ FA community? Maybe add each other to Steam and play some DB comp games sometimes? I´m not an ace but im learning Happy hunting!
  7. Hope to C U on the DB servers soon
  8. RiPp3r


    Cool game!! http://eu.battle.net/overwatch/en/game/Asked to be in the closed betatest..
  9. I have the box.. we watch it from time to time. I started playing electric guitar after seing the first movie back in 1985
  10. That was a great movie.. cant wait for sequel. Hope it´s as good as the first
  11. More Dirty Bomb.. Bought the sniper Vassili.. tons of fun to snipe :)

    1. Raskin


      I use to snipe a lot on ET is relaxing : ]

    2. RiPp3r


      Snipe on ET is nice but snipe on DirtyBomb i power.. one shot at the head and the head comes off.. instant gib :)


  12. Just join the same server. Not every time you come on the same team but sometimes. And people sometimes leave mid game and then you can join the same team to even it out

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