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  1. Hahaha Yeah I hope u dont go see your bank account and stuff like that on that one haha but I prefer the look of Win XP so I found a way to put win10 like it was XP with the start button/menu and taskbar and stuff like that, even the background... that remind me some good memories back from that era
  2. Wb canadian brother! glad to see another one 'round here take care see ya on servers!
  3. I bought it on steam because when I was kid I was playing the campaign on Xbox with bonus mission (cursed sands) with my older brother that's sucks that it is only a console bonus old memories , deserve a try 4 sure with all this makeup making it more modern but still its id3 Engine


    I did it, finally! 😄 

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    2. RedBaird


      ... a n d ... I FUBAR'd it! 


      Thanks for the informative PM on my error! 😄 


      I will have make sure that I am awake before I fix it.  I /re-locked that topic and moved it back.


      I will "fix" the situation later, I hope.  I have to make your group Apprentice before you can take the Quiz anyway. 💤


      You are level 5 on jay#1, at least


      and I see your S:ET in your profile now, too.  


    3. SlitfaceJR


      thanks my man like I told you It can happen to anyone you know 

      and for my S:ET when you told me to post it on my profile I did it right away :) 


      thanks for fixing that up :)

    4. RedBaird
  5. Let me if I cannot Get This Done Today! 💤

  6. SlitfaceJR

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Map suggested : Cortex I suggest this one , it's quite large in there 4 objectives , it's different than 1 and defenders aren't at the same place because there's 4 of em and they far away from each others I saw earlier some players said that the spawn on the table in the upper floor is problematic because if one of teams reach to it Ex : Allies, if they got this spawn it blocks axis team to acces computer where you have to drop the objectives (CDs) or acces other rooms to reach their objectives but if Axis players reach to it that block allies from defending their ob
  7. Hey brother how r ya

  8. SlitfaceJR

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    I didnt knew that, its all good I'll see for another suggestion
  9. SlitfaceJR

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    someone remember this map SaberPeak ? If I remember I've seen this map on the rotation like long time ago but this map is quite large , sniper have good spots, battles are mainly outside so the it would not result in a bunch of players firing at each others all the time Soldiers : mortars can do their job panzers too and MG FieldOps: can use arty and airstrike CovertOps : have good sniper spots Medic and Engies : can play like they do on other maps what you guys think about this map ? Slit
  10. thanks buddy sure I will make my stop on jay2
  11. thank youu@Larysa thanks broski@Night Train
  12. Thank you very much really appreciated @Vindstot @AnG3L @Yami @weeabooo
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