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  1. I didnt knew that, its all good I'll see for another suggestion
  2. someone remember this map SaberPeak ? If I remember I've seen this map on the rotation like long time ago but this map is quite large , sniper have good spots, battles are mainly outside so the it would not result in a bunch of players firing at each others all the time Soldiers : mortars can do their job panzers too and MG FieldOps: can use arty and airstrike CovertOps : have good sniper spots Medic and Engies : can play like they do on other maps what you guys think about this map ? Slit
  3. thanks buddy sure I will make my stop on jay2
  4. thank youu@Larysa thanks broski@Night Train
  5. Thank you very much really appreciated @Vindstot @AnG3L @Yami @weeabooo
  6. Thanks bro I never gave up on ET and never gonna do it haha too much fun playing
  7. Hi I'll reintroduce myself because it's been a long time I've been active on forum so here we go My name is Scott I'm 21 years old and and still studying in computers , I'm from Canada , living in my house with my wife and my daughter in a nice neighborhood My dad introduced me at playing ET since 2004 I took some break because of some familly problems I had to deal with. each time I start dat game I remember me and my dad playing together and now each time I start ET I have a tear fallin down my cheek and if u can read between the lines you'll understand what I'm talking about and thats why I took his Nickname on ET .. anyway life continue, shits happen but I keep my head up like a solider cuz life is a battlefield, you have to make your way through it anyway. take it easy guys (and girls) if any feel the need to talk come in PM it would be a pleasure to talk with any of you Good night Slitface
  8. Hi AgeOldOrganics My condolences for your mother , I know its not easy about losing someone important in our life. I lost my father on 30 april 2014 at 6:38 in the morning. I heard the phone ringing and my aunt answered. I was just woke up when I heard the phone so I went down the stairs and I knew by their face than my father passed away of his lung cancer. If you need to talk feel free to PM me I will answer you faster as I can My condolences again. -SLIT
  9. I had the same problem, but I did a full updates of my computer's components (chipset , PCI plug-in , USB port , EVERYTHING ) now its working fine. I hope it will help you if your problem isnt solved yet

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