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  1. I've been away for a while, moved out of my mom's place and living on my own now. Guess what? w00tw00t is back!

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    2. menatwork
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      I haven't seen you in so long, I almost forgot who you were. But I know how it is with life, work, and trying to balance the two. Hope to see you soon, take care.

    4. menatwork


      I haven't seen most of you in the past few days, let's get back to rocking!


      Thanks Nimrod, it's been difficult. I've missed you guys tho <3

  2. That's excessively expensive. In NL, we don't have fiber everywhere (yet) but we do in most populated cities and the likes. Reggefiber (and possible other infrastructure providers) lay down the fiber lines _all the way to the time_ (FTTH, fiber to the home) and this is generally without cost to the person renting the house (afaik, most people in NL rent ; don't have metrics to back it up though) I'm unsure, but I'm guessing the corporation who actually owns the houses pays for the FTTH installation. Then ISPs lease the fiber lines from the infrastructure providers (i.e. reggefiber) and provides the customer with a ONT (optical network terminal) and a modem. The fiber goes into the ONT, connectivity via (U|S)TP comes out to the modem and from there on you're all set. So all in all - ~75 euro/m for 500 Mbit/s duplex is extremely cheap compared to xfinity's offering. You'd be better of with Google Fiber if it becomes available in your area - not just because it'll be cheaper for 1Gbit/s but I dare to bet that Google would provide better customer service than Comcast is known for.
  3. I should have been more clear. I was referring to the upsides/downsides of using your own router, i.e. 2 devices consuming power [with bridge mode; but whether this is a pain point or not depends on power consumption of both devices and your own preferences]; XS4ALL support - i.e. they don't support anything but their own equipment; and so on. Management wouldn't really be a problem - since you put the fritz in bridge and everything gets managed from the ASUS - be sure to firewall IPv6 though if not done by default. Alternatively, have you considered letting the two work in sync? With that I mean, having the ASUS be an access point where the wifi signal is weak and/or for additional lan-ports? Not sure if the asus can act as a DHCP forwarder? * of course, this all depends on how big your house/*tuin* is ;-)
  4. Yeah, the fritz is a modem & router in-one but you can set the fritzbox into 'bridge' mode - in which case, it's just a bridge. i.e. all traffic flows over it but your router will be the one that handles everything (your router will also be the one that will have your public IPv4 & v6 addresses; it'll do the firewalling, etc). So what you really want is to use the bridge mode - but I do think you should consider this carefully, i.e. what are the upsides & downsides? Personally I'm not sure what I would do yet. When I move out, I plan on getting the 500/500 too + an extra IPv4 subnet; then I'll drop all the servers I'm renting except for one - and I'll do a hot-failover with a server I'll be running from home; it'd save me a ton of money. I might replace the fritzbox and set up an enterprise appliance but I'm wondering if that really will be required. This might be helpful: http://bluez.home.xs4all.nl/datatalk/fritzbox.htm
  5. I see. I thought the fritzbox had VPN capabilities as well; the other router seems pretty nice. This might prove useful: https://www.xs4all.nl/service/diensten/internet/installeren-en-gebruiken/modem-instellen/hoe-kan-ik-een-ander-modem-dan-fritzbox-instellen.htm Mind letting us know if it all works out? Good luck!
  6. They used to provide the best custom service then KPN took them over and sh't went downhill (I've heard that from some of their long-time customers). The fr!tzboxes are generally pretty darn solid - is there any specific reason why you want to use your own?
  7. The inet-only 500/500 is about 60ish euros/month. Currently there's a special of XS4ALL that makes it about 40ish/month for the first 6 months (well to be fair, the first month is about 70ish with setup costs and the likes). (60 euro is about ~70 US dollars) That's the inet-only though, he might be using a different package. --- It's without a doubt one of the best providers of NL - I'm waiting for a place to become available so I can move out and I'm also planning to take the Pro package from XS4ALL, it's been on my list for quite a while now hehe. Nonetheless mind sharing your opinion about XS4ALL? i.e. did you run into any issues? did everything go smooth? etc.
  8. Make a full backup of your ET installation (you might even be able to simply copy it over); either way, one file is import - that's your ETKEY which should be in your etmain folder. If you play on a server running Silent (I think Fun1 is a silent mod server - but don't quote me on that) there's one more file which is also important, that's 'silent.dat' it's in your 'silent' folder. HTH
  9. I'm in favor - to add to the suggestion, perhaps - we can add the !glow functionality as well, with some modifications of course. I propose that Camelmaker & Wolfie both get !pants'd on every respawn as well as !glow'd, both given a static - colors, i.e. camel can have a orange glow - and wolfie a blue one. It'd make my life so much easier - instead of wondering which one to target, I'd see 'm glow.
  10. Love the new cig.

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      sig, as in signature*

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      Thank you, kind sir.

  11. I'll have you know that Pizza Shawarma is one of the better things in life. Sure, I might add a few pounds, die a lil' younger - but you know what? I'll die happy! Extremely happy. If only I had a small pizza Shawarma every time someone killed me in-game. I'd be a few thousand pounds, but I be a happy camper. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to camp on Silent-1; seeing my life's dream being blown away every time I don't get a small pizza Shawarma whenever I die. See, that's motivation not to die. // All seriousness, if you haven't tried that pizza. It's pretty amazing.

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