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  1. Just to say i miss u too👊

  2. Just to say that I miss you👋

  3. Great to see an winter rotation or so.. imo: On: Rommel, stargate, darji, kef Off: apart from the obvious: imo etpro maps. Got 7 servers where we play this maps. Lets get back nq maps
  4. Really nice to read your stories Sis, chuu, Nancy! As far as concering myself, not been really in a long distrance relationship before. On the other hand, i'm having this amazing group of friends which i went on summer holidays for like 8 years in a row. As you can imagine, thinks happen on those holidays. A few times i've had this great click, but then again things like this just vanish as you separated for a while and not been together too long on the holiday. I think it can work, but also communication is a big part of it, and ofourse being able to fully go for it. I'm curious
  5. Yay! Well deserved guys! Good job!!
  6. Wohoo! Nice to see you at the forums Carlos! Enjoy your stay here and feel free to ask anything if something is unclear or if u need help (I enjoy our conversations! :D) Oh, and stop killing me that much :3
  7. Aye welcome my friend! Good to see u here aswell!
  8. I'm really into sports! At the moment i play Football (at a club) and in my spare time i love to play squash and tennis. I used to play Futsal aswell, and i like to watch sports such as cycling, moto gp and formule 1!
  9. Happy birthday mate! Hope u enjoy this day!!
  10. @null Was doing absolutely nothing again, so @Martina and myself decided to join him and built a tower >> needs to be redirected to right section.. :<
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