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  1. Ive seen more snow and hailstorms last 2 days then last 5 years together. Lets blame Greta
  2. Germany before Spain! Besides that i Hope my country will qualify or ill become Poland nr 1 fan @joo
  3. (3) Monkey Safari - Safe (Joris Voorn Remix) - YouTube Festivals please
  4. Sad story, good music. Probably the best rock band The Netherlands ever had, Golden Earring, quited recently because their founder (George Kooymans) found out he has ALS disease. They are (atleast in The Netherlands itself) quite famous and yesterday at 18.00 o clock, all radio stations decided to play their most famous track, Radar Love, because it was George Kooymans his 73th birthday. Thats why i wanted to share their 3 most famous tracks and, in my opinion, awesome (guitar) tracks. Goosebumps ! (2) Golden earring - Twilight zone - YouTube (2) Golden Earring - Radar
  5. Cracker

    I'm Back!

    Dobry wieczor and welcome back!
  6. Yess!! Gratz all, well deserved! #Tony4president
  7. Cracker

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    + Rommel + Darji + Haunted mansion + Castle Attack + Saberpeak - Railgun - Battery - Glider
  8. I think there might be multipe players up for this. Any possibility of setting up more then 1 team ?
  9. Got the same, thought it was me at first. Seems splashdamage prob or so. Ip connections still possible tho and ETlegacy running of seems to work aswell
  10. (6) If people lagged in real life. (compilation) - YouTube If i had this internet connection IRL..
  11. Cracker

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    [et.trackbase.net] » Map details for map: UJE 01 VIP Beta 1 Would recommand this one instead of UJE_Ghetto (to dark and never getting obj done +30mins). Might have requested this before, not sure wether i got rejected or not..:D VIP more of a map u need to get to next parts and bit lighter
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