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  1. Hi there who do you think is the best singer in the world i have to say its Bob Marley!
  2. ET Album

    for the ET
  3. i con have new car soon

    Nice one GJ
  4. Why you play ET ?

    ITs still a great game
  5. hobbies

    hockey Et Girls Boobs Ass
  6. Champions league

    GO bayern munchen :ph34r:
  7. What was the last movie you watched?

    Bad neighbours
  8. Why you play ET ?

    i love this game cause you can only win this map if you work as a team and other games arent they are most of getting the most kill so et Still and alway will be the best game
  9. Share your Evolve usernames

    mine is: MrvonZ
  10. Maps and it's issue - Info needed

    Adlernest. their a some people who still climb up the roof. cause its a bug. can you please fix it.
  11. Favorite weapon

    MP40 of course its the best even when i am with allies still always mp40
  12. mrvonz mr cause i am 1 vonz: my last name is:van zanen so i thought Vonz would be nice
  13. Favorite Maps in ET

    Hi There I am wondering What is your favorite map put it down here and let see which map wins ET for life