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  1. Still hooked on this one add me - ZailendeR
  2. Read a politically incorrect book about islam and the crusades by Robert Spencer. Made me more interested in the Bible and the Quran.Thou im not religious. Finishing up a book about another astronaut Scott Kelly "Endurance".
  3. Happy birthday Estonia! A 100 years strong and even more to come! Elagu Eesti!

    1. White Raven

      White Raven

      Happy b-day Estonia!

  4. I have BF1, I had some guys to play with, but then they disappeared. Then I solo'd for awhile and got bored. Don't take anything away from the game, its awesome in my eyes.
  5. Hey Ack! Nice too see that you've made your way here! Good to see more FG oldtimers here!! Hope to be playing with you like in the FG times! Enjoy man PS! When I play, I play NQ.
  6. Just finished a book at work(small one) which i read during breaks. Neill deGrasse Tyson - Astrophysics for people in a hurry.
  7. Neill deGrasse Tyson - Death by Blackhole and Other Cosmic Quanderies.
  8. Happy new year to you all, ladies and gents! Wish you and your families all the best, hope you get all your true wishes come true this year.
  9. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year. I'll keep both in one topic, greetings from Achilleus family.
  10. This is quite a special performance. Colonel Chris Hadfield, commander of the ISS at that time, is performing live from the Station with the Barenaked Ladies in a space-to-earth collab. Song at hand has been written by himself. Loving the lyrics because their educational aswell.
  11. As im reading Chris Hadfield's An astronauts guide to life on Earth, this brought me to a song he had covered on the International Space Station. He was the first Canadian to lead a mission on the ISS. Original David Bowie - Space Oddity It really fits my bookreading mood atm.
  12. Chris Hadfield - An astronauts guide to life on Earth
  13. Happy birthday to all and many more years to come! The force is strong in this one.
  14. It's getting relatively hard not to release so often since the 5 min marker is pretty easy to achieve. But 10 mins seems already too long, so I'll try to find a midpoint.

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