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  1. Sup F/A how everyone been nice to see how much this clan has grown, I been playing ET for about 7 years now on and off , I like to play mw3 and all cod games , I started out with ET like most of you OGs always good to play with happy people and great conversations , I like bunnies butterflies and guns not necessarily in that order . I play drums for about 20 years now I can rock with the best . Yes I am a BnBmember and love my clan but we no longer have a ET server I have always came here to play because I just cant give up this game . its addicting .. and I love these kind of drugs .. hihihihihi I see a lot of people here I used to play with so I cant wait to get back in the swing of things . because rt now playing cod has really messed me up with playing ET theirs not sprint button lol you'll see a lot of me now so many hacks on the cod servers just makes me mad as hell and I always return to ET so thanks guys and see ya on the server

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