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  1. you know angry german kid? he tries to rap now pretty weak, but the effort counts x'D
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHbwc09X0N0 EVA HERMAN ehemalige ARD TAGESSCHAU sprecherin
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=066MqgJFPP4
  4. nooneonetheone


  5. in germany we never had a taharrush gamea, thats fact! check out the videos about migrants in europe, what they get from BRD- the newest smartphone, some get a free house in a "asylantendorf" which where build only for them! a lot of migrants were smart enough to make 22 fake passpords and here in germany theyre getting a paycheck 22 times maximum 4.500€! nice to know, that even if i would work honestly, id NEVER make that amount of money even in a year! and nice to know, that BRD gave me a full modern house, that BRD gave me the newest smartphone- oh wait they didnt! i see more and more homeless people on the strees, all white! beggars on the railwaystation- only whites! and arabs cant speak one word german but are driving the newest BMW! arabs cant speak a word german but have got the golden rolex! and nice to see, that no go areas are devoloping in BRD, in which the police dont go in because theyre scared! read the quran, check out the IQ average and realise, that theyll never integrate! afterwards checlout what happend to sweden and please open up your eyes- its not racist to know the facts!
  6. https://www.oliverjanich.de/terror-morde-messer-angriffe-ein-ganz-normaler-maerz-in-merkel-deutschland a list with all the criminal activities of immigrants in germany for march! (oliver janich- independant journalist/reporter, worked for the biggest newspapers/magazines/tv channels until he realised that theyre lying!) its in german, but you may realise, that the amount of devilish deeds were NEVER done by european citizens! like sexual assaults are standartly happening in germany what do you think?
  7. dont get rid off vsay- get some new ones! also some new insulting! vsays dont annoy! sometimes some players use vsays a lot-im one of them, but i know, when to stop it! yes no