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  1. How make a admin abuse report (with demo) but without to acccept mu warning here lol ??? Help :)



      Not sure what you are asking in your second sentence it was there's an admin abuse section of the complaints sub forum. Just remember that the admins are human too and have to put up with a lot of BS so don't take it personal if they end up using a command or 2 on you. Always send them a friendly private message in game and try to work things out first.

    2. Flag


      If u want to post demo, u'll need to compress the file to zip or rar. When posting ,look for attach files- more options.

  2. Some admin on Jay are really a**h**** ! Right Boki ? ;)

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    2. Fred France

      Fred France

      Boki... boki... boki... Remember what you said yesterday dude ! Rules should be changed... A medic who pass just close to you, look at you dead on the floor and don't heal you, he should be banned ! In More Boki, I was warned by SpongeBob and I will report him for abuse... I was warned when Elk and other as-shol-es TK and was not warned or other

    3. Fred France

      Fred France

      patrick you advised me ? I never see you played lol


    4. boki


      Teamplay is a nice experience. However, it is not allowed to enforce it. You can always promote teamwork with your own example.

  3. NEED AN ADMIN now on JAY1 : Three assholes TK and boring, disturb the game : ELK, PLOP, DR BOHEM !!!

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      He spends too much time hanging around Elk.

    3. Ann!b@l


      La prochaine fois que cela arrive Fred, prends une demo et envois moi ça par pm içi.. Je m'en occuperai personnellement.

    4. Fred France

      Fred France

      Oui Ann!b@l ;-)

  4. Can you delete my profile, thanks

    1. D..X


      please send a request through contact us thanks

  5. I need to format my computer... How can i save my XP ? :P

    1. RedBaird


      Save two files from your ET Installation: "etkey" from the etmain folder and "silent.dat" from your Silent folder. You can copy them to a USB stick or email them to your web-based email account(s).


      When you format your HD and reinstall your OS and then ET, then you can just copy those two files back into the folders you got them from.

  6. Jay1 is stupid tonight... WTF !

    1. RedBaird


      I will have to check it immediately...or did you mean "stupid fun"?

  7. I'm back after 1 year of helth trouble. I missed you ! Am I still member of FA ? :)

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    2. RedBaird


      You are still a level 11 Trial member. Your forum group was automatically changed to Inactive Member. You can post a request in Tracker → Website Group Fix to ask for your Group to be restored. Post a "Hello, I'm back", so that we can officially know that you are back. (and the Leaders don't deny your application for inactivity. Welcome Back!. :D

    3. Fred France

      Fred France

      Thanks Red :) Just done :)

    4. RedBaird


      Thank You! You are back to ET Trial now...I will send some more info in a few minutes.

  8. Too much work ... I need to destress...

    1. 0siE.


      Why don't you come to get frag ? Youhou !



      I kill you now!!!!!!!!

  9. I ask sometimes if players are not above the rules when they do not respect the admins and the other admins present say nothing ...

  10. Watching France - England (rugby) #GoFrance

    1. 0siE.


      I love rugby. and the wood trophe too :)


  11. LMFAO : Marcelo Bielsa has resigned from his position as manager of Marseille after the club's 1-0 defeat to Caen...

    1. ancientmule


      the owners start changing some points in the new contract.. so he decided to leave.. I love him as coach, one of the best one from Argentina!

    2. Olykiller


      Previous soccer season in Belgium this occured too :D

  12. I propose two maps than can be testing for recruiting's server (jay1). I already played them and there are very cool. The first is Italy http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/20461-streets-of-italy-italyfp2pk3-et-map/ the second is Paris Bastille http://www.parisbastille.free.fr/ I hope we could try them Fred.
  13. Welcome To Paris, Angel Di Maria #TeamPSG

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    2. Helsen


      been at a PSG match this year :). That was against Montpellier. Saw Ibra!

    3. Letdown


      Hope he will help the team to reach the Champions League semi finals (at least) !

    4. Fred France

      Fred France

      Hope PSG will win Champions League :P, @Helsen you are lucky ;)

  14. I hope this year PSG could win the Champions League We can dream
  15. Well done ! Thibaut Pinot ! Hell yeah ! Great stage for French dudes and Team FDJ !

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