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  1. covey is able to spot mines after lvl 4
  2. are you saying i have to make a demo to prove my point
  3. spotting mines is standard from the game, enemy in disguise for all is not
  4. So can we make an adjustment to where your not giving a handout to the enemy? Specifically the time your dot appears on the compass and disguised enemy showing up
  5. well then why is this not modified? makes no sense to have a handout win
  6. what its supposed to be is the name of the persons uniform you took, not a give me of "disguised enemy". anyone with binoculars or just moving their cursor around just points at teammates to look for disguised enemy. its not really skill anymore, its just who has the brightest nametag
  7. not all ET, this doesnt occur in silent mod or other jaymods. this is an F|A jaymod. hardcore and silent dont show it, and ive played other jaymods and they didnt show it from what i remember
  8. here... i asked studentdude to help
  9. try it sometime. go as a covey and just stand there. they will shoot you. also anytime you see the enemy wearing your teams colors it auto highlights enemy in disguise
  10. doesnt mean its good to have. it literally gives the enemy a bulls eye to shoot you. you have a target on your back titled enemy in disguise then to add on top of it... the amount of time your compass is on. cant say how many times ive seen people look for players on that compass. its so easy to identify too
  11. it really is, its like a gimme for other players
  12. also to add to the list of repeated maps for hardcore... aldernest or special delivery
  13. i cant find a server that is actually enjoyable. when i play on jay1, everyone knows your a covert ops because it shows in big bold letters "enemy in disguise", then they shoot you. it also bugs me because compass on there stays way too long and you actually see people your standing above, looking around for you without you showing your there.... then they find you and kill you because of that damn compass. then i try hardcore. i like hardcore, but its always the same maps voted for ALL THE TIME. its always supply depot or braundorf and like 5 other maps that are always voted. they are small maps that are easily funneled and its very predictable. you go down from a spawn like one or two hallways and there they are, ready to kill. never an open map. you really cant do anything. can we make adjustments some how like removing enemy in disguise for jay or changing the maps on hardcore.

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