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  1. this course isnt even over till middle of july and already its f***ing up my sleep

  2. i feel the urge to vomit on a chinchilla and put it under hipkats bed

  3. this course is alot more intensive than i thought and its really wearing me out

  4. you almost gave me a heart attack
  5. im sitting in class wondering if candy is actually a donut stripper. Is she a filled donut? i bet shes a strawberry filling!



      Your a sick boy!!!!



      It's Raspberry you shit!


  6. i dont speak a lick of spanish but after searching for funny ways to die... this showed up
  7. i dont really care if you visited my profile

    1. L3ftY.


      Why mention it then? You obviously care enough to post this 0_o

    2. Rolan001


      Because you are a b*** ?

    3. BitchPudding


      precisely rolan

  8. tomorrow the program starts... so begins the busy and the missing b***
  9. i am begging for glider, please put glider
  10. an update: i will be leaving far away and i dont know how busy i will be so im letting you guys know in advanced i may be gone for a while but i promise to return. if its not so busy and the connection is good i will come on but id rather protect my admin and my own ass by saying i may be gone for a few months depending on the situation.
  11. In case you didnt see it yet... a debut of the new season of rick and morty is online. check it out online https://youtu.be/BlJMO8MlDKs
  12. i entered it right, it stated anti cheat
  13. temple doesnt work on this server, it has bars over it even with the code
  14. honestly i dont mess around much with the config, i use the et config and depending on the weapon i choose i change my sensitivity on my mouse