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  1. lol about poison knives, i joke about it. but throwing knives should be the same at jay1. when i throw knives in hardcore it goes limp like when i see a hot girl then next to her a nasty old woman. jay 1, absolutely needs to be addressed is the covert ops. you can never use it. people there take advantage of it. for example, i could be walking along a wall not observed then someone will check what player is there and BOOM! IT SAYS ENEMY IN DISGUISE. anywhere else it says the plaeyrs name or some such but on jay it says always enemy in disguise. everyones using compass for their gaming instead of skill, using mortar in a hallway that doesnt kill team members but kills coveys and enemy in disguise. its really annoying most of the time to play there but it has the most users also, more maps in the rotation. ive been asking for so long to play glider
  2. i think this will be what ill be playing when this comes out
  3. this course isnt even over till middle of july and already its f***ing up my sleep

  4. i feel the urge to vomit on a chinchilla and put it under hipkats bed

  5. this course is alot more intensive than i thought and its really wearing me out

  6. you almost gave me a heart attack
  7. im sitting in class wondering if candy is actually a donut stripper. Is she a filled donut? i bet shes a strawberry filling!



      Your a sick boy!!!!



      It's Raspberry you shit!


  8. i dont speak a lick of spanish but after searching for funny ways to die... this showed up
  9. i dont really care if you visited my profile

    1. L3ftY.


      Why mention it then? You obviously care enough to post this 0_o

    2. Rolan001


      Because you are a b*** ?

    3. BitchPudding


      precisely rolan

  10. tomorrow the program starts... so begins the busy and the missing b***
  11. i am begging for glider, please put glider
  12. an update: i will be leaving far away and i dont know how busy i will be so im letting you guys know in advanced i may be gone for a while but i promise to return. if its not so busy and the connection is good i will come on but id rather protect my admin and my own ass by saying i may be gone for a few months depending on the situation.

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