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  1. Little update on my wrist recovery: Apperently I have a injured 'pisoforme' bone in my hand. Might need surgery to take it out.

    1. RendeL


      Well good that atleast there is now a diagnost about the issue :)

    2. Wooter


      Yeah finally! Been way too long now....

  2. For you guys who are wondering why I'm not playing lately. I'm suffering from a really bad wrist injury, thats why! :-)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. captnconcrete


      hope everything is donig good hope the wrist heals well.


    3. RendeL


      Still? Not gonna joke again about it, but glad you've taken care of it now :D

    4. Wooter


      Yeah still, there is some progress tho, so thats a good thing!! :-)

  3. well i know where i would play the most if this comes out lol.
  4. New favorite weapon: Grenade Launcher, with our without nades, im getting pretty good at it (H)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AnG3L


      I always play with rifle on J1 :)

    3. D..X


      takes some skill practice makes perfect :)

    4. m00jii


      random nade best nade

  5. Thanks for the talk and the help making the list last night Rendel.
  6. Hey Jelle, welkom! Kom ook eens langs op beginners 2!
  7. Hey Debbs! Good to see you here! How old is your son/daughter/genderneutral?
  8. On my profile there is a caption: Notes: T-M 4-1. What does that mean?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Xernicus


      Plat is a nub. Focus on your M stats. These are the people who become full members, and the true Fearless Assassins.

    3. m00jii


      What sorcery is this Raziel? @Wooter Don't worry about those stats, they don't affect in how awesome you are :P. They are just numbers

    4. Wooter


      haha thanks :P Was just wondering!

  9. Is it me, or are all FA servers down?

    1. Sisje
    2. namechangeguy123


      Using those cheaty methods finally caught up to you!

    3. Wooter


      well its the new silent update i found out

  10. Also why are there 2 gold rushes? and not just 1? 1 can go imo. And the spawn of both goldrushes should be atleast 12 for axis.
  11. BTW, we did make a poll about this: https://strawpoll.com/gz9bhx16
  12. Dreamed about new maps last night, for real haha

    1. Sisje


      Some dreams become reality ;)

  13. Saw you yesterday, nice playing! Welcome

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