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  1. Go to college or not to go there :D that is the question :D

  2. Went on beast mode in MWR recently :D

  3. If you have questions about Infinite warfare search in messenger CODmessenger and there you go :) they can leak you some informations if you are interested :)

  4. Guys what do you think about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare?? :D

    1. St0rmSlaSh


      eh, could be better. I just cannot wait for Cpt. Price!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. S0NY


      yeah :D I am buying that 109.99$ :D just because of thata Remastered CoD4 :D


    3. St0rmSlaSh
  5. and once again it is jut me and my broken heart :/

  6. Guys sorry for this huge inactivity but I think I need a change in my life and trying to do something with it..

  7. hmmmmm... pasta or spaghetti? that is my question of the day :D

    1. (FORCE)


      Both ? lol ;>

    2. Xernicus


      Spaghetti is Pasta??? But anything other than spaghetti.

  8. I think I met light in my life :3

  9. Just made hard decision. I hope I won't regret it later...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. S0NY
    3. bo0m


      :) well wish you all the best what ever you decide:)
    4. Raskin


      At your age it can be tough to find the path..be true to yourself..be strong..

  10. Sup Fellas how are you guys :P:)

    1. Helsen


      am ok, and you?

    2. S0NY


      pretty good ty ^^


  11. Sup guys how are you :)

  12. Just preordered Assassins Creed: Syndicate - Charing Cross Edition :3 and bought PS4 :* + made some Hawaii pizza :D this day can't be better :P

  13. From today I am alone... :( again :/

    1. S0NY


      maybe this will be reason now for my inactivity on servers... but when I'll get over it I will be active again :)

    2. Eggtato


      Join the club. Know the feels.

    3. B00MCan Gh0sT

      B00MCan Gh0sT

      Oh Bro thats so bad :/.I hope you´ll get over it.

  14. hello and welcome to the forum

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