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  1. Happy birthday F|A! Indeed, lots of good friends here.
  2. More Tanqueray. What can I say, it works.
  3. In the evening, I'm unwinding, so beer or liquor (G&T, tequila, etc.). During the day, which is rare I play then, water or tea.
  4. Gin. Alas, bottom-shelf stuff tonight.
  5. I can dig it. Bought a copy and downloading now.
  6. Martini. Started work before 8:00 AM and didn't leave the office until about 8:30 PM. Long day.
  7. Gin & Tonic. It has been a rather nasty Monday.
  8. I've always dug anything Wolfenstein, going back to (and, granted, I'm dating myself on this one) to the original 2D Apple II/e game and a little later the breakthrough 3D. RtCW was good and ET is the stuff of legends. While I sort of enjoyed The New Order, eh, without multiplayer it is kind of limited the appeal. New Colossus looks good and I'll undoubtedly buy a copy, but I wish Bethesda would come out with a new multiplayer Wolfenstein title. All that said, the visuals in the new edition look to be fantastic.
  9. Absinthe*. Done up in cocktail form. In this case ½ Absinthe, ½ Tonic water, and a splash of bitters. * Well, the stuff they call absinthe in this country. I'm sure our European friends have better options when they seek to imbibe la fée verte.

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