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  1. favourite in jay 2: letdown hotspur killerpunisher gameplan jiren the skull cherry popper hulk osie kelfoutoir redneck audrey angel texas bruzzer buckwild blackmirror and all the palyer make this game so fun !
  2. One of my car , my favorite
  3. Welcome on board !
  4. hello and welcome! vesuvius it's he good map too
  5. hey all i'm back after he long pause can i have a chance to get Inactive removed from my forum status ? thanks in advance
  6. Hey all!! after he long pause i'm back in the game see you soon !!
  7. i play this game verry hard so much fun!!! you can ad me ingame if you want pseudo : 3LTI https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/pc/3LTI#match-listing
  8. OMG hurricane IRMA come to guadeloupe please all pray for us ! i don't know when i can back to the game i hope see you soon !!

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    2. LazyHippo


      Truly sad real world we looking at, glad you alive bro

    3. .KeLFOuTO!r.


      Ils en parlent ici, des pillages et des agressions. Ils disent que demain il y aura 750 gendarmes déployés sur St Martin, et que des légionnaires arrivent. Ah et info peut-être utile pour vous, depuis hier soir Radio France a créé une station "Urgence Info Iles du Nord" sur 91.1 FM pour tenir informés en temps réels des infos pratiques. Bon courage bro !

    4. .KeLFOuTO!r.


      Salut bro, donne des nouvelles stp

  9. +1 for me for dubrvnik and the map chateau ?
  10. Can you explain to me what diference this brings by changing these values? i suppose it's min/max players but im not sure. -cortex -1 the most horrible map of this game - Minas tirith -1 to big - pirates -1 to many players rush this map - baserace -1 tired with it -snatch3 +1 good map -axis lab ? -fuel dump (desert version) ?
  11. hey !! i propose this rotation for the new mappool: Goldrush GALS Oasis B3 Frostbite Braundurf Italy FPS Beerrun Paris Bastille beta 3 Adlernest Chateau Snatch Caen2 School Bremen Cathedral V2 base La Rochelle Axis Lab teuthonia i keep only small map i think his better for jay2 because many people live when he big map start ( ruins, bizantyne, mlb temple, flame guard etc ...) he big map need he lot of players !!
  12. 3LT!

    3LT! cfg

    thx evrybody's for her help i resolve my problem of lag (PunckBuster fault ...) and push up my graphisme i guive you he demo in few day to show my new vision in game. thx all !!

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