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  1. Apologies for my inactivity,been addicted to Trickjump,and Fallout : New Vegas,also some acting projects and stuff :D

    1. RedBaird


      Well, you are a Trial member, so you do have to be active :) (and get that Recruit! :) )

    2. Sisje


      Come back already and get that recruit like redbaird said ;) miss you!

  2. I'll get my ass there as soon as i finish table tennis tournament that i have on 30th
  3. Ahhh crap,i wont be able to come...I have this serbian tradion,so i gotta prepare everything for it,plus have a futsal game Srry guys,you all have fun!
  4. Gg's today,somehow my etpro didnt take the SS,only demos See you on sunday
  5. Damn! Amazing party for sure Gta rocked the house ^^
  6. Ye,he's like 100% comercial,and im pretty sure he doesn't know what he's doing lol Don't really listen to him either. Damn man,u got some company for that time?
  7. I havent heard much of Dash and Heatbeat Imma listen to them asap And GTA is godlike if you like that kinda style PS:I always taught you were from Mexico omg:O
  8. Oooh have fun man If it wasn't around the globe i would go too but it kinda starts early tho Anyways,you gotta take some pics of GTA and Fedde
  9. still fapable and oh yea,wtf almondo
  10. Ive been wanting to dl this for weeks now,now i just have to PS,i might kick your ass since i did have some decent skill before B| Better practise! If anyone is new to the game,add me on steam so i can help
  11. Them catacombs in RTCW got me falling of my chair >_/emoticons/default_ohmy.png" alt=":o" data-emoticon="" srcset="/emoticons/ohmy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  12. Burn

    For Tj lovers.

    Shana jumps too We tj-ed before,he is way way way better So yea glad too see theres a lot of ppl that like tj mod
  13. Burn

    For Tj lovers.

    I mean evolve,i read evolve in the profile desc,i said to myself i would add them on evolve...and i wrote xfire.gg,wp We would love to have you ! ^^ Its a nice relief of constant fragging
  14. Burn

    For Tj lovers.

    Yeah and patience,which weirdly i have a lot,i was doing some medium gammas few days before,i have some trouble with first jump,switches i can handle,but i cant get enough ups from beginning still I know some peps from eT,met them at 999 server,so just asking Well,imma add you 2 on xfire ,So we can jump some times ^^ I know mirqli and some other guys jump too,,,. It would be a nice event ! That would be really good,and no gammas bc of those pmove settings and all? Some original or custom jumps are dooable too ^^ All you need is patience and some will ^^ Its hard at the beginning for sure,but its really fun,and awarding when ppl spectate you and you do some nice jumps you couldnt do 2 days before after 3h of trying!!
  15. Burn

    Football 2015-2016

    Dislike Juve club? :DD They beat City yesterday...Undeserved in my opinion,city wast the better team all 90 minutes... I Hope BVB can keep that form trough out the season! And i cant help but smile seeing how bad Mourinho tactics are working! PS:Have you seen Shaw's injury against PSV And any opinion on Martial,since he's pretty much a new player to me...

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