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    i like to play soccer, well and et of course(:
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    California, Long Beach!
  1. Tattoos

    That's sick dude!
  2. PS3

    Anybody who plays blackops on ps3 add me! Busch002
  3. et server suggestion market garden

    the maps super huge haha but a lot of fun(:
  4. et server suggestion market garden

    if anyone remembers this map from a long ass time ago, you should remember how great this map was and we should bring it back(:
  5. et server suggestion Cortex

    i love this map!
  6. its been a while(:

    hey guys its lt john, i just wanted to drop by and say hello and ask how everybody was doing(: its been a while since iv played haha but im back up ans starting to play again(: well nice talking to you all and have a nice day(: -Lt.John
  7. ps 3 cod

    anyone getting black ops? (:
  8. Practice

    im down (:
  9. sup guys

    of course i miss you haha
  10. sup guys

    heyyy im back, havent played et in forever cus my comp broke so i had to rerset et, but im back and playing again(: just wanted to say hi, im Lt. John (:
  11. Reason I've been away.

    congrats man. good luck (:
  12. anyone watch/ play soccer/ futbol?

    gigabyte its all about FULHAM! soccers the best (:
  13. anyone watch/ play soccer/ futbol?

    whats uppp soccers my favorite sport. anyone else watch soccer?
  14. hi

    hey im Lt.John. just wanted to drop by and introduce myself and say hello. i love your guys server and i play it almost everyday.its alot if fun.
  15. hey

    hey im lt. john. iv been playing your server for a little while now. iv been playing e.t. for alot of years, but stopped about a year ago and now am getting back into it because i forgot hoe much fun this game really is. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and say hello.