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    Historical reenactments for French Indian war (1750's) and fur trappers eras (1840's).

    Competing in the areas of:
    knife and tomahawk throwing (can hit a playing card at 7 paces.

    Flintlock black powder rifles pistols shooting with moving targets.

    Cannon target shooting.

    Flint - steel fire starting usually can get flames in under 15 seconds.
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    St Louis MO USA
  1. Happy Birthday Brightenstein!

  2. Shooting an opponent for the sake of fun, got to love FPS games.

  3. My physics tutor at the plant was an ancient PhD that actually worked on fat man and little boy. lol Although you sill could not convince this guy that black holes exist.
  4. Um, U235 is fissile uranium, depleted is U238. Hit U238 with a slow moving neutron and it will be U239 for a few microseconds and then a neutron will decay, kick off 5 gamma units, 3 beta particles and 2 alpha particles. The product of the neutron decay is a proton and another orbiting electron thus it becomes Pu239. The isotopes U236 & U237 also exist for a few microseconds each when the occasional U238 kicks off a neutron. (4 years working in a nuclear fuel rod manufacturing plant)
  5. lol if society collapses this is the guy to bring along

  6. Hey kermit glad you are here. See you on Jay1.

  7. Howdy all, Brightenstein here. I'm From St Louis and Brightenstein is my real family name (well before it got changed when WW2 broke out). I am an automation controls engineer for a living and love to just blow stuff up even if it is just on a computer. lol Kill you later! Brightenstein

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