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  1. omfg

    Give it some time man and you get used to this forums I was too first like wtf, but now a new theme got added and like Cheep said, you have that vip theme (damn you lucky ppl) which is awesome. Anyways wb from the abyss and cya around
  2. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    Yes, sir
  3. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    Happy birthday! You are just 6 days older than me
  4. New theme looking already better
  5. RendeL

  6. I really miss the old site :(

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    2. Patrick


      Rendel, don't be sad winnie like me :) Think positive! New forum is great!

    3. CheepHeep


      I think im gonna like this :) but I do get what you're saying Rendel. The look of the forums is actually what got me interested in FA back in 2013. :DDD

    4. RendeL


      Well now the skin looks much better and I am starting to like this. Overall forums work fast and so far without issues :)

      It's just that I got used to the old forums, because I had to learn admin it for years and therefore I liked it so much, not that I now need to do stuff with it, but yet the memories are there :D

  7. Minimizor

  8. Smirre/RendeL cfg

  9. Happy birthday Sisje

    Happy birthday!
  10. Merlin sez hello...

    Hello and welcome to the forums also. It's been pleasure gaming with you.
  11. ET Server Suggestion New Maps - Beginners 2#

    That is Subway. I also like that map, worth to try.
  12. lehm salutes everyone

    Hello and welcome.