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  1. Always take the peppers out of the food before you heat it in microwave owen!! The frikkin pepper exploded and now meat and potatoes are all around kitchen, including the seiling 🤣

    Had to go washing myself and put clothes to laundry and it's still ringing in my ears after the boom 🤣

    Live and learn I quess 🤣

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    2. RedBaird



      The frikkin pepper exploded 

      Was that a frikkin RAW pepper?


      Okay, Bob Villa says on his website: 


      # 11 of 15


      Hot peppers and microwaves are a recipe for pain. Like eggs, peppers can explode when heated too quickly in the microwave—and they can even catch fire. The other problem with peppers is capsaicin, the chemical that makes them hot and spicy. When microwaves hit the pepper, capsaicin turns into an aerosol, resulting in a homemade pepper spray that can burn your eyes and skin the moment you open the appliance door. If you're cooking hot peppers, use the stovetop, oven, or broiler—and always handle with care.




      Who in The Hell would microwave Squeeze Bottles ?  #3 of 15 




    3. RendeL


      Well I think it was the meat after all, but I did suspect pepper first. Never happened before, so that's why I didn't think the meat would cause it, but as Chuu said here and heard also elsewhere, meat can go boom :D

      Anyways if it was pepper, it surely didn't leave any trace after the explosion!


      And I cant cook, but the food was made yday with peppers in it, I just heated the food today.

    4. RedBaird


      Maybe it could be done using less power?


      You could conduct another "experiment" and I would volunteer to help clean up the possible mess, but I cannot. :( 

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