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  1. hello, Annibal, i hope you would be fine, Well whatever you felt from my msgs or anything i said, because i was angry. I dont have any issue with any1, if i have any kind of problem with server or Clan people, i dont apply for admin. Well if you guys have already decided so i gues there is no point to msg here anymore. and kindly remove that Warning point from the profile picture, but it not helpful in anyway.

  2. Not even care anymore about admin or TAG marterial. and when leader dont have any TAG how som1 know who is he/she. Leader must have Clan TAG. NO one have any prove against me. if somoeone have kindly share with picture. otherwise take me back in Clan. If no one will reply related to that soon i'll will remove this ID and whoever wil ask to me about Admin and rules and regulation i'll tell them in detail how this system , and some1 without any reason kick you out from server and from C...

    1. Flag


      Sorry, but there is always a reason for everything. U must remember what you did. And dont think we are punishing you without any reason.

    2. Ann!b@l


      server rule 16: Only staff and above can go "undercover". Can be indeed annoying for those thinking they can unfairly use their admin\member privileges without impunity.. And unfortunately for you therre's a plenty of proofs disproving all your statements.

  3. Anyone tell me what the F**** happened with my Clan Tag?

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    2. CheepHeep


      You can use contact us if you wish to know details.

    3. Extalibanman


      Refusal to do admin responsibilities, Disrespect towards a Leader, Not F|A material.

    4. Platonic


      Contact us it is.


  4. Mostly i am online in game, not here, any 1 can find me in =F|A=Beginner Server.

    1. CheepHeep


      See you when I see you!

    2. Patrick


      The speed of the gameplay is incredible there . I came with Masa, and we manage only to kill each over...

  5. Mostly i am online in game, not here, any 1 can find me in =F|A=Beginner Server.

  6. Very less people doing this much experiment i guess. may be they dont want to ruin their food =))
  7. I believe we are eating so many things from last many years, but We must cook something new which we never had before , like something different Taste or any experiment, Is there anyone who tried to cook by himself ? sometime new?
  8. Hello Everyone, once again after so LONG....

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    2. Raskin
    3. St0rmSlaSh
    4. Mr. X

      Mr. X

      you think , i will die this much easy? this is not a game this is life :D

  9. Mr. X

    Spicy food

    write any spicy food which you like to eat
  10. Black beauty sleeping in the Dark :D

  11. Mr. X

    Food & Drink

    Right now i am have a Cup of Tea and Rus..
  12. During game, what you like to eat? What do you do? smoke, drinking or anything Like me : I eat chips, burger, Chocolates, Pizza sometime
  13. Today is Rainy DAy :P

  14. Share you fav milk shake which you like to drink....
  15. What is your favorite Chocolate name? Mars. ... Galaxy. ... Cadbury. ... Toblerone. ... Patchi. ... Guylian. ... Ghirardelli. Lindt & Sprüngli Ferrero Rocher

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