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  1. LOL ! Just wanted to be sure that u ppl ready it hahahahaha !
  2. Hey guys ! I was just looking where to discuss in the forums, and i didnt find anything hahahaha so i just wanted to make a new topic with u guys, to know u more, tell me wich is is ur favorita FlA server in Enemy Territory, what do u think of the clan and their members, and if u have fun with the fellas, love you guys, just want to know more about u guys in the forums and in ET, anyways u can discuss about, and if u haved play with me, tell me what do u think about me or what i have to get better in the game. See you later in the Recruiting server -Laloking360-
  3. Hey guys, here laloking360 again, i think you guys should change maps or put new ones in the FlA Recruiting xpsave Jaymod server, im actually get bord of the actual maps ( that doesnt mean im not playing in ur server, of course not, i love playing with u guys ) its just an opinion, it would be amazing, like some of the original maps, but some custom maps too, i remember i used to play in a map that was like a Big House and the two teams were like toys, sort of a toy story house, i used to love that map i dont remember the name, but it would be amazing u put in on the server and another maps too. Im at work right now, but i dont have any homework, so i will be in 2 hours back in the server playing with u guys ! Bye, see you later kicking some asses :* -Laloking360- Feel free to give me ur opinion (Picture soon) lol
  4. Hey ! I have a German Ford Mondeo 2002 4 cylinders 2.0 i just love it ! Give me your opinión and show me ur beast -Laloking360-
  5. Thanks snoopy i already make the apply ! Phobia thanks a lot for ur support hopefully i will be part of your great family ! -laloking360-
  6. Hey F|A member guys I'm Eduardo better known as ''laloking360'' in Enemy Territory, im from México im 18 years old, im a really fan of all the videogames in general, i have PC games, Xbox one, and Xbox 360, i started playing like when i was 5 years old, my second game online was ET when i was like 7 years old, and i play it for years, then i join high school, and started working so i didnt have time to continue playing any games on any platform, so a few weeks ago in my holidays i decided to play ET again, because it was my childhood and im in love with this game haha, so i download it and play it, the first server i join after years of no playing ET was your F|A Recruitin xpsav server guys, im not a god playing, but i really enjoy playing and with the F|A members a lot more, so i just decided i want to join ur amazing clan, i would play everytime i got time lol hahaha but i promise i will always be playing with you guys, love your community. And thats all Im laloking360 and i hope i can be in your clan in a soon future. Love you all

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We are glad you decided to stop by our website and servers. At Fearless Assassins Gaming Community (=F|A=) we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. With helpful admins, custom maps and good server regulars your gaming experience should be grand! We love to have fun by playing online games especially W:ET, Call of Duty Series, Counter Strike: Series, Minecraft, Insurgency, DOI, TF2 & Battlefield Series and if you like to do same then join us! Here, you can make worldwide friends while enjoying the game. Anyone from any race and country speaking any language can join our Discord and gaming servers. We have clan members from US, Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, UK, Austria, Poland, Finland and many other countries. It doesn't matter how much good you are in the game or how much good English you speak. We believe in making new friends from all over the world. If you want to have fun and want to make new friends join up our gaming servers and our VoIP servers any day and at any time. .

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