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  1. hey Server look's better for poeple who get lag: 1 Open console 2 write:/cl_maxpackets 100 3: /rate 50000 4: /r_primitives 2 this command will help a lot for peope with wrong setting PEWPEWDIE.
  2. WElcome back then =)
  3. hey lowskillbro yeah its funny to pown ur face hahaa ;D i hope u love this song see u on server m8 u mean u try to kill me NUBB Btw: i will say a secret : DJ use hack mortar !! see u on batlefield GREAT DJ . And thx to all the poeple who wished me welcome .
  4. yep im aggry for remoove green gaz because = drop fps and freeze . Go on green smoke and tcheck your fps . server msut be more stable and playable for all without green smoke.
  5. "kill loads of people" yep ofc mate haha Hey panth3r thx yep see u on server !
  6. Real Life! First name: Alex Any sort of Nickname?: ALEXOUU :S Age: 25 What country are you from?: i from baguette Fromage ( FRANCE) Are you a Parent?: no no no i prefer fish How many siblings do you have?: 0 my parent will die if they got one more like me haha What's your shoe size?:44 Big shoes BIG d... What do you do for a living?: Im security agent but the 7th april i will pass a competite for be policeman i hope i will succes Greatest Fear?: hmm Maybe big spider and plane.. Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Visiting haunted home when i was young with some friend Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) i' ve make love with whale girls..berk:DD First thing you look for in a new friend?: humor, sympathie and a litlle bit crazy Farthest you've been from home?: spain because im affraid to take plane What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: i love to play in Fa server i got some fun with fa member then why not discover this forum Cat or Dog?: Cat What are your hobbies?: bodybuilding; Karate,Manga What kind of Sports do you like?: karate , tennis .curling hahaha What's your favorite color?: GREEN How about your favorite type of music?: pop rap rock elctro Favorite Song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRbeEneUf00 go listen this mate What's your favorite TV show?: im not looking so much tv . What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc):i prefer comedy like "tour montparnasse infernale" Favorite Movie?:" Les Goonies " hahah Favorite Book?:" la riviere à l'enver" What do you like most about yourself?:i am really friendly with all . What do you hate most about yourself?:somettime i can be really boring dunno why this just me . What makes you very happy?: when i see my girlfriend and if i succes to the policeman competitve . What makes you very sad?: rain ; when my friend arnt happy when someone i love die ofc What's your favorite beverage?: jack&daniel my 2 favorite friends What you're favorite food/snack?: Quick Favorite actor/Actress?: eddy murphyyy Favorite season? Why?: winter for take my snowboard!! Favorite subject in school?: my musical teacher she was really beautifful <3 Favorite thing to learn about?: im learning to play guitar since 12 yeras i really love to play sometime when i sad or when im with some friend that all thx for watching my life .

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