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  1. Burn,aka. RioAlex

    Hey there, man Hope you remember me Be sure to join TS too.
  2. The Boss has arrived, back to work!

    A new player has joined. Got a doge (puppy) today https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=999493870085030&set=a.443014592399630.102445.100000732794580&type=1
  3. Inactivity Notice

    Awww. Was nice owning you. Well, let's continue that later then Enjoy!
  4. Greez from Harle

    Heey Harle! Welcome back to ET and like I said before, be sure to join TS also.
  5. Let me introduce myself! Aim!?

    Welcome to the forums aimybot!

    Hehe, those rum filled candies are sold here too. Even little children are allowed to buy them
  7. windows disconnecting from teamspeak

    Looks like problem solved. How I fixed it you ask me? No idea, I did nothing.
  8. windows disconnecting from teamspeak

    Can't say a party, just a short high spike.
  9. windows disconnecting from teamspeak

    I reinstalled it a few weeks ago but the problem didn't disappear. I won't bother reinstalling windows either yet. I will wait for the release of windows 10 first. It isn't that important to fix it. Just wondering if somebody knows what's going on.
  10. The problem is that I get disconnected from teamspeak quite often. It usually reconnects right after but it's annoying when it doesn't so I'd like to see if anybody has an idea what could be wrong. It does it at random times but now I finally noticed that ET lagometer playing in NQ1 had a large spike when TS disconnected/reconnected. I'm using windows 10, cable internet, everything else, including TV seem to have no effect when this problem occurs.
  11. et server suggestion !rush command

    There's a !rush command in NQ1 that just displays a message saying no rushing before 5 minutes is over. What about changing it so it would show how much time is left and when 5 minutes is over, it displays "Rushing is allowed now" So it would be something like: if(gametime < 300) print("Rushing is not allowed in the next " + 300-gametime + " seconds!") else print("5 minutes is over. Rushing is allowed") Many regulars just don't know the maptimes by heart so it would be an easy way to see if it's allowed or not at some point.
  12. What was the last movie you watched?

    American Sniper. Imo worth the watch. Sad how he (Legend) ended up tho.
  13. Well, if AMD or Nvidia don't try to fight against it, using for example a high end AMD card and some cheap Nvidia card together might not only boost fps but add for example some features from nvidia card to AMD card that AMD doesn't have. Something like some people used nvidia cards for PhysX only, I think. I am not that familiar with how these things work, I just read some opinions about this from hinnavaatlus forums.

    And I thought liquorice was some finnish fetish cause finland is the only country I have visited where I have to look carefully when buying candy that I don't get something with that thing in it It's just everywhere over there.. But don't get me wrong, some liquorice products are quite nice. One of my favourite sweets contain liquorice - sukulaku. http://www.upload.ee/image/4709113/nanopruul.jpg Panzerfaust beer anybody?
  15. NQ #1 maps update

    MLB Daybreak should be removed quickly Seems like none like it