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  1. Moulaya

    NQ2 problems

    hi, unfortunately I have to disturb again, the server NQ2 or NOQ2 is since 3 hours without function. There is only a freeze frame available...
  2. hi, thank you for the good maps, now everything is ok. I should likewise say thanks on behalf of various NQ2 players.
  3. ok, thank you for the new maps, but maybe you have the maps installed on another server? Everything is unchanged on NOQ2. Neither was removed: Eagle Nest final Basel finals Beach Invasion 1.1 Special delivery TE final Furthermore are no new maps yet.
  4. Hello, would like to know when the maps will be installed on NOQ2 or NQ2, since there was no change last night. thank you
  5. Hi daredevil, Fueldump, Day break, Egypt... these are almost just problems with the different maps :)) Remove the maps as listed and add a few others. thank you
  6. hi again, a large selection is unfortunately not present. There are no much download links, but I'm assuming you'll find her. Add map: MLB Egypt Goldrush London, or a other Goldrush Fuel dump if possible: "Capuzzo", MLB Daybreak- -- Remove map: Adlernest Final Baserace Final Beach Invasion 1.1 Special Delivery TE Final
  7. Sum was donated. I will choose the cards and submit them here.
  8. hi, since over 3 years, we have the same maps on the server NOQ2, you can not change it? I will donate $ 100 in advance if anything changes at maps on noq2 soon. Is that a good suggestion? If it is possible ? 1. answer 2. i will donate the sum and 3. then new maps can be installed. Send me also the link for donation with Paypal.
  9. Hi Chuckun, PS trickjumping, i think u mean Prime squadron trickjumping. As I wrote, many play over 10 years here and know the trickjumping, but why not the PS trickjumping? PS trickjumping, why isn't that explained to everyone here? A forum is created, for the exchange of experience, but dont here, or?
  10. Punkbuster prevents, that dishonest players from gaining an unfair advantage. Are there any ways to outsmart PunkBuster? If a player kills quickly (like amibot), or run very faster than all other players, then it is unfair to all other players! On different servers, like NOQ1, NOQ2 or NOQ3 are 2 to 4 players, which in contrast to all other players run much faster (almost flying), therefore have a big advantage. That`s not fair! The other team, or the other players have no chance and go to another server, where fair playing is. It is said that it would be only the double jump, but most know the double jump, as some players have been playing for over 10 years, but this technique is new and unfair. Fair would be if every player has the opportunity to run so fast, then all run at the same speed. A year ago you could not see any player on F|A who could run so fast. who has had the same experiences? and who is the same opinion? because for me is this unfair run behavior: is scam.

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