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  1. DOI-Discussion Free Weekend

    A definite must try! Hope to see many of you giving it a shot
  2. Looks like we will be switching to custom, let us know what maps/weapons/... you want to see. I personally think we should have everything figured out before we switch to custom so it will stay commando for a while now. If it turns out it's not a great idea, we can also switch back to commando or any other setup you guys would like. Also if you can think of a lovely name for the server, feel free to share, if there are multiple ones we can have a vote for that as well
  3. Whine whine, buy a car because my hobbies are so much more important than you getting on your work - mother

    1. CheepHeep


      Getting similar nagging from my dad. :D Still going on for you eh? *sigh*

  4. Happy Birthday ViP3r*

    Happy birthday viper!
  5. Such sad news... He made one of my all time favorite songs
  6. Alright peeps, making this topic to see what you all think about our 2nd DOI server, Coop Commando Please vote in the poll if you prefer to keep it Coop Commando or if you like to see it changed to a custom server, also if you would like to see a custom server let us know anything you might want to see, so we can check it out. Slot amount, maps and so on I personally like to see it change to custom due to the fact that the amount of maps is limited on official servers and it will get boring real quick, the only downside would be not to get ranking points but that's why we still have server #1 Let's make a very awesome server out of DOI #2!
  7. DOI suggestion pvp server

    If any server should be easier, make it the 8 slot USA server. If their are 16 players, you barely get a chance to shoot the bots because there are so many players, often skilled or experienced enough to shoot them at choke points. There are alot of skilled players on our servers.
  8. What is your favourite vacation destination?

    I've been to many nice places and would love to discover more! For citytrips I'd suggest Dublin and London For sun, sea and beach, I enjoyed Corfu a lot (greek island) (lost most of my pictures since my camera crashed when I was walking down from the castle of sissi) And for some discovering other cultures and beautiful nature Vancouver for sure Pictures added, have alot more from Vancouver but I'll stop now
  9. Seems like it's going to be a trip to Lanzarote with the bestie in September, any tips are welcome :D #excited

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sisje


      For sure but it's still a long time before we get there ;)

    3. bo0m


      Tip nr.1:

      Survive till September

    4. Sisje


      Thanks for the tip Boomzor! I plan to 

  10. Penalties! Penalties everywhere Oo

    1. Vindstot


      I searched for penalty in my garage, and no, not everywhere :)

  11. I'd do everything for our DOI members, they just have to let me.. :/

    1. RendeL


      #metoo here? :D :ph34r:

    2. CheepHeep


      Time to knock some sense into them! 

  12. NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    Always so difficult!! But here we go: 16. Nashville Predators 15. Vegas Golden Knights 14. Pittsburgh Penguins 13. Winnipeg Jets 12. Toronto Maple Leafs 11. Boston Bruins 10. Tampa Bay Lightning 9. San Jose Sharks 8. Washington Capitals 7. LA Kings 6. Minnesota Wild 5. Columbus Blue Jackets 4. Anaheim Ducks 3. Philadelphia Flyers 2. Colorado Avalanche 1. New Jersey Devils @Helsen @Pabbatt Blue don't forget to join in the fun
  13. Martial Arts and their importance

    I'll never be afraid of you chicken! And if I bring my sister you'll try to fly away hoping it will be faster than running xD
  14. Wondering who is going to be the first injured on the Maple Leafs as they face Boston in the first round, not impressed and dirty player Marchand should have be suspended for cross-checking someone that's already down on the ice but noo, fine him 5000 dollars because that will hurt someone that makes millions of dollars in a season.... GO LEAFS GO

    1. Neuro


      Ohhhh sports. Paying athletes too much. :P

  15. Platform 2a - International encounters

    Don't worry about it, I don't have a T-shirt either. I think they only give it to the "special" cases