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  1. What was the last movie you watched?

    Teenage ninja turtles with megan
  2. sun

    Were gonna reach 37 degrees saturday here in Belgium loveit
  3. sun

    lets go to the beacheach,, lets go to the bay, where ya from ?
  4. Winter is Coming...

    Much fun moving AbsoluteZer0, I also did it recently
  5. Pic of the Day 18.06.15

    We will get a Grumpydwarfcatdog than ...
  6. How do you take your coffee?

    I kinda always switch it up, Like 1 sugar no milk / no sugar with milk / half a sugar with milk,... Yeah you know what i mean
  7. What was the last movie you watched?

    I have "seen" a movie last night, Felt asleep after 5 mins and I woke up when it was finished so i cant even remember the title
  8. Holliday

    I Just came back home from Portugal, my mom have's a B&B There
  9. What was the last movie you watched?

    Kingsman & american sniper i Liked them both
  10. Your last pizza...

    My last pizza was Pizza Kebab
  11. Tattoos

    This is mine Don't mind the finger pls
  12. Pic of the Day 22.05.15

    Ninja turtles were nice
  13. FOV

    Im On 90 fov