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  1. Tadaaa, took a while but yeah i think im done
  2. Thanks man, haha means a lot bro
  3. Well i started a new piece and so far its been a bit challenging cause im using only a mechanical pencil, a kneaded eraser and a ruler. Decided to start because ive been far too lazy and ultimately unproductive. *sigh decided i wouldn't leave the F|A family out of this ill be uploading as i keep going but you can also check my instagarm for progress shots and the final piece http:instagarm.com/femiajayi - p.s i dont know why the images are sideways , postimage just likes messing with me
  4. haha im not gonna allow that bro
  5. You played cod? how did i miss this oh aii aii then lmfao im no noob anymore bro , im coming for you guys 1 by 1....
  6. i do? oh damn , lol im back and ready to claim her , not going anywhere this time
  7. Thanks bro, tranquilizers tho .. damn. i plan on getting a power bike or those motocross ones when im older tbh always loved em oh and i tried et once and sucked badly so yeah i don't play it much
  8. Yo guys , whats good I've been off for a long while because i have lots of things going on like school stuff, just moved to Canada this year and trying to settle in ain't easy , new friends and all , deciding on what path to take on my road to success. Nothing has been easy really living alone for the first time too, lool so many responsibilities, so yeah i've also missed my precious COD ANYWAYYYYYY I've been lurking around the forums lately and each time i come on i don't know if its time difference or summ but the cod servers ( or beginner server )is/are hardly ever occupied. we normally have regulars on but i don't see any on when i'm on tbh is it a problem we need to address or its just my time zone
  9. And Damn.... she does it again. I think most of audrey's posts are actually on here tbh. peep how she used manmeat as an excuse when there is actually no manmeat on here .. .
  10. is it funny that whenever i get lost trying to find gallery in forums i end up going to audreys "find content"

    1. audrey


      Pft! Not even on the 1st page of my content :')

    2. Yasuke


      lool for now :'D


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