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  1. Sup all, it's been a few months. I'm just getting back from spending the summer in Ecuador and wanted to check in and say hi. Ecuador was awesome; the people, the food, and the surf. I stayed with friends, helping complete their new home, did some volunteer work, and spent the rest of my time learning to surf. I'd been looking forward to getting back onto the game when my trip was over, but, unfortunately my pc is broke. It would appear that I need a new motherboard. Having just been without internet for 2 months, I don't know I'll even fix it. I enjoyed my time disconnected. I may just continue going online once every few weeks from my Kindle and not get a pc again. I definitely missed the game and community, tho, and wanted to pop on and say 'hi' to all. I hope everyone has been doing well. Cheers, Cookie
  2. I plan to torrent it late tonight. I've followed boxing closely for 20 years and I don't think the fight will live up to the hype, altho I hope to be proven wrong. I think Mayweather will win on the scorecards for landing more punches, but it will go the distance. Neither fighter's punches will result in a knockout, they just don't have enough zip on their punches anymore, besides both having great chins and defense. If there's a knockout, I hope it's from Manny, and I hope for him to win as well, I just don't see it going that way. The fight should have happened 4-5 years ago, and the amount of money involved is ridiculous, as is the difference in the purse from Manny to Mayweather. After the buildup of MMA and getting sucked into that, it's hard to get into all the boxing matches anymore, but this will still be a good boxing match that I won't miss.
  3. Cool project. I love building stuff and have yet to work with steel/welds. I'm a wood guy.
  4. I hate the green poison gas with passion. I'd love nothing more than to see it gone from Jay1, as well as map changes more often, and all nadewhores to learn how to /uninstall. Just my opinion tho, everyone's got one.
  5. I have to 2nd that. That ding is almost like when a monkey gets a treat when pressing a button. He learns to keep pressing the button. I give up accuracy going for headshots even tho I never look to see my headshot count. Call me a monkey, but that "ding" and a positive k/d ratio is all I care about.
  6. Glad to see I wasn't one of the victims in the vids. God knows you've killed me plenty tho.
  7. https://youtu.be/mIBTg7q9oNc?list=FLlr-EXPqav9gmnoUSX1WVVg I used to be able to post vids.....how the f?
  8. So cool, man, I knew it was a cover but I have never heard another version of the song. I just know the artist in my vid always does covers, not originals. The version you posted, it's just as badass, it's got soul for days. It reminds me of Charles Bradley. Check this out, if you will- Charles Bradley- Why is it so hard? https://youtu.be/yBdTVmSVq14 Not my usual taste in music, but I can appreciate a lot of stuff.
  9. Much thanks, Daredevil. It all makes sense now as the server was full for the full hour and half or so I was on there yesterday. I'll be sure and hop on again to enjoy the new maps put in. I usually play during the evening, but also late late night/morning. If I hopped on late last night, I would've seen the new maps. Thanks for offering the change in name, if anything, I'd change it to (Duck)CookieMonster*420. Not a biggie tho. If you do change it, thanks in advance. You've been a great help.
  10. Sorry for the confusion, as I'm probably confused myself lol. Jay1 is the recruiting server, correct? The recruiting server running jaymod is the server I am hoping to see the maps changed on.
  11. I was on there after reading this post, Daredevil, and I didn't see any map changes? Curious what happened.
  12. I believe the second link you added to be the Cortex I'm used to (Cortex revised (2f)), although, who's to say the other 2 aren't just as good. Use your discretion. I appreciate the map changes, Daredevil, a few are better than none. I'm sorry if my post came off badly, I was just getting frustrated. I enjoy playing with the FA community and weeks ago I was told by 2 different admins that maps were changing the next day. They obviously didn't change. The frustration at playing the same maps was getting to me, enough I reset my xp to keep myself entertained. I'm used to playing in a smaller community where the map rotations would change weekly or bi-weekly. I guess I was spoiled in a smaller community having only one server to devote all our time to. Thank you, again, Daredevil. P.s. You mention map size being an issue with all the players the server receives. Is there a way to institute maps will cycle in when under a certain amount of players are on the server? Is that what you're doing with Glider Assault? If you're able to, can you possibly do the same with the Berserk map? Most haven't played it and it's such an awesome map, loved by many back in the day. It would be awesome for late night game sessions when the server usually has 30-40 players max. Again, thanks for your time, and I understand if Berserk doesn't make it in right away. I'd just LOVE to play it sometime. I can't find a single server that plays it.

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