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  1. Pgirl722


  2. hello...wow it's been a few years i stop playing. Well greetings from Pgirl :)

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    2. RedBaird


      WOW ! You have the best excuses for an absence that I have ever heard: a mix of one Very Bad and one Very Good. !


      You are still in the clan. You can see in your profile that you are level 11, but that your Groups is Inactive Member. The forum auto-changes your group to that if you have not on the website for too long.



    3. My Ass

      My Ass

      Welcome back :)

    4. LazyHippo


      Glad to see you on Silent and congrats for the baby :)

  3. Thanks again guys ☺
  4. Hi guys,I wont be able to play until i heal. I've been in lots of pain I was diagnosed with Carpel tunnel syndrome & Dequervain's tenosynovitis in my right hand. Im getting surgery done in a week and dont know how long it takes to heal. I've been playing this game for over 10 years and I'm paying for it now...lol...this pain is no joke. I miss playing like crazy but i have to take care of this first. Im going to be able to check forum from my phone and keep in touch. Take care guys
  5. To go to court for child support and come out with money feels good...but in his side i bet he wish i didn't exist...lmao...b*** better have my money....lmao...cheers to that!!!!

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    2. RedBaird


      I hope you don't get "strung along" on the payments.

    3. Pgirl722


      RedBaird I know thats going to happen.

    4. Pgirl722


      Cruelkind lol...sorry to sound so cold but i had to celebrate :P

  6. which recipe you want? thank you...this is what i cook every day
  7. I was happy to see this part of the forum. I love cooking...Mostly all Puertorican Food...You know arroz con habichuelas etc....lol...well i wanted to share a few of my dishes. I got a whole lot pf pics but i wont spam....lol.... Enjoy!!!!
  8. The Best advice i was told today and I had to share....Someones misery is someones elses happiness....or the other way around. Be aware...Everyone Around You Does Not Have Good Intentions.

    1. Lowskillguy
    2. Satanek


      In my perfect world I could hunt down those happy in my misery, so I could turn the tables :DD

    3. Pgirl722
  9. A good wife will sit & yell "kill him!" to her husband when he plays video games. But the best wife will take the computer & say "watch how it's done." I just love our relationship....14 years and counting... Don't get mad...Join him!!!!

  10. feeling sore...lost 6 lbs aalreadyin only 2 weeks of working out and healthy eating...i miss my boricua food...i love tostones...lol

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    2. Unknown


      redbaird, it's 5 lbs in the first day :P. Pgirl, keep going. It will make more good than harm :) I'm with you :)

    3. LazyHippo


      Keep it coming! and never loose the appreciation of good food :)

    4. Pgirl722


      Thanks guys...I'm doing Zumba classes from Mon to Thursday....Friday i hit the machines and Sat. & Sun I take a brake.


  11. I've been working-out for the past 2 weeks...and it sure feels good. The summers around the corner and i need to get pretty...hehe....Who else like to work out? I also do Zumba classes.

    1. LazyHippo


      I go to the gym too.. love to sweat :P

  12. Hope everyone had a Fun Easter Day yesterday

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    2. ancientmule


      :) nice to know u had a nice day!! :)
    3. Pgirl722


      I Hope you did to :)

    4. RedBaird


      Not as much fun as the USA First Lady at her Easter Event! :)

  13. I Havent been playing lately...thats what happens when a new game comes out....my son and husband take over the better Laptop. It's my Alienware 0.o

  14. just stopping by to say Hello to everyone :)


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