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  1. Germany - Sweden 2:1 O. Toivonen goal 0:1 (32. Min) https://streamja.com/yN9J Reus goal 1:1 ( 48. Min) https://www.clippituser.tv/c/xbaarg What a last min goal by Kroos (95. Min) https://www.clippituser.tv/c/kaqqxn
  2. I prefer playing Axis but for the question its probably attacking. Doesnt really matter to me as I usually end up attacking the enemy either way unless I want to tryhard at Obj defense once in a blue moon.
  3. Played fa_bremen_final only once so far and it felt really hard to defend. Feels like allies pop out of every corner but definitely better suited for jay1 with more ways to approach the truck instead of one big clusterf*** chokepoint. Will have to play it some more to see what I think about balancing.
  4. I play it from time to time on PC aswell.
  5. Are these the half cookies DJ is allowed to eat?
  6. Considering he lives in germany he gets a new IP assigned every 24h unless he is using a company IP. So yeah the server geoIP database is probably outdated.
  7. Personally if I join Jay 2 or the beginners Jaymod I ignore the adre myself and see it more as a challenge to beat adre without adre. Takes some time to get used to everyone sprinting like crazy but isnt to bad aslong as your team doesnt get overrun.
  8. Stalking this topic without posting and now a week or so after I watched 2 or 3 of Achilles vids youtube wants me to watch more of his vids... Dont have much motivation for ET right now but when I am up for it again I might decide to learn TJ after ignoring it for many years. I mean I can the most basic stuff but thats already my limit right now Edit: f***ed up to attach the screenshot after choosing the file. Pressing another button after choosing the file is difficult!
  9. He put the link in his post. Thats more then plenty of other people do on the internet. Although it seems like the forum he links to is down.
  10. Trackbase doesnt fetch a maplist of the server. It displays maps that were played on the server recently. Unless UJE was played at least once it wont show up. Never played the map so I dont know how big it is so if the playernumber is set rather low it wont show up unless the server was empty at the right time. For TC base final its in the current rotation but it wont show up very often as it is set for 0 - 32 players.
  11. I could accept poison knives if they would deal dmg and wouldnt have all the stupid side effects. The fate of a more or less certain death would be more acceptable if I could kill the guy who hit me. Thats something random as you cant aim. I think you cant /kill yourself if you are poisoned. Could be wrong about that one but I think I had it happen that I saw the respawn timer but couldnt kill out so I died a sec after respawn and had to wait 15s for more action. Could have hit the wrong button so it would be nice if someone could confirm it.
  12. Reallity was talking about Fieldops arty on the spawn. Wouldnt work with the spawn protection but people are so slow that they still get killed by it.
  13. I agree that 50 people are to much for fluid gameplay but I dont like getting redirected to a server that doesnt use the same settings Especially with Adre. I get really confused when I let go of the target because I think the guy should drop dead with the amount of hits he took but hes still fine and I get killed instead.
  14. Th3N0ob3r

    Negative XP

    Haven't played that much Civ and I stopped playing it after I discovered EU4, a game where I start to dislike steams timetracking feature.
  15. Th3N0ob3r

    Negative XP

    That would be unnecessary data to store and is no feature in Jaymod. Its just that the data type for the onscreenxp seems to be 16 bits long which means it cant handle more than 65,535 so it causes an integer overflow and starts doing things like going negative. If you play on a stopwatchserver the onscreenxp will display the xp collected in the first round and reset during the second round. The scoreboard will display all xp collected during round one and two. Some funfact about integer overflows: If anyone ever played any of the Civ games and wondered why the hell Gandhi is a crazy nuke using warmonger its because of an integer overflow in Civ1. Gandhi had to lowest aggresion score and there are options later in the game that lower them further. The devs didnt implement anything to handle it from going lower than 0 which then caused it to go to the highest value possible. The option was around the time where nukes started to exist which would mean that Gandhi started to bomb the shit out of everyone. To preserve this the devs decided to let Gandhis old nuke friendly personality live on in the newer version of the game although they gave him a lower aggresion. So if you attack him and he has nukes he will nuke you but he probably wont attack on his own.

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