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  1. Offtopic: You realise that Siwex89 is the one with more Hs than you in the SS while obviously having less kills Edit to add something ontopic: From the rounds I played so far I am consistend with ~30% acc with one game on Beach invasion where I defended the staircase leading to the cp where I pretty much only shot in a line and got 40%. What I found absolutly strange is that I somehow hit 30% acc today aswell although I am dead tired since I couldnt really sleep last night.
  2. So with bad hitboxes you mean something like the game gives you feedback for hitting the displayed model but NQ hitboxes are smaller or something so the mod/server tells you your shots missed? Tried to catch a good demo to look at it in slomo but somehow cg_autoAction 7 doesnt start a replay... dumps my stats in a txt and takes a screenshot but I have to manually start the demo after each round which I tend to forget. Else I would have catched me shooting at a still standing target and "missing".
  3. Th3N0ob3r

    NQ hit detection

    Since I played NQ for a long time ages ago I wanted to give it a shot again after mostly sticking to Jaymod and Silent in the last few years. After playing on NQ1(nq1.clan-fa.com) for a few rounds I recognise that I am absolutly terrible with hitting enemys in NQ much worse than the other two mods. I know that the mods all have differences in hit detection etc. but what confuses me in NQ is that I receive a visual feedback for hitting enemys (little dust popping up) but the shot doesnt register unless I also receive the audio feedback for hitting a shot. In the few rounds I played it was often the case that I could see the visual feedback but they didnt register and it is really frustrating when it looks like I am hitting 5 times in the head region but I deal no dmg at all. It mostly happens when the enemy is moving around and I dont think it happend if an enemy stays still or runs in a straight line at me. Since NQ1 is in germany my ping is displayed ingame with 2-8 and I dont think the lagometer does anything crazy when I play on NQ1. I still tested the connection twice with WinMTR to nq1.clan.fa.com but I am not entirely sure how to read it. It does look like that I have a package loss in some nodes but I dont know if those nodes are actually related to my connection to the server. The WinMTR results are hidden in the spoiler. Now I am wondering if the visual feedback isnt even related to hitting in NQ or something could be wrong in my cfg in NQ which should more or less be the same what is in my cfg for silent/jaymod or if it is actually a problem with my connection to NQ1. It could also be that I just play absolutly horrible when I play NQ but I just hope that thats not the case.
  4. bulge_beta1 probably needs adjusted respawntimes. The map is currently running and axis on attack have 12 seconds respawn while allies have 10 seconds on defenese. I am currently watching a match where axis are ahead in scores and no way of repairing the tank that sits right in front of allies respawn. Axis probably take ~15 seconds to even get to the tank. Might be wrong since I only saw the map one time now but it looked more or less unplayable for offense unless offense is much stronger.
  5. Saw this topic while bowsing the forum. Donated 25$ at the end of november. 2DJ87310H0536320U First time donation cause I've been playing on FA servers for quite some time and I had some money to spare. It would be sad to see the servers gone if I take a longer break. Already gone through that and it was kinda sad
  6. Can't really help with your FPS drops but I think its worth to mention that I dont experience them like you do with my system and its more or less just an slight upgrade of your graka, following are my specs and I run the 1050 aswell but I have the TI version so 4GB ram instead of the 2 GB. The only time I expierience laggs besides obvious server laggs is when the announcer decides to speak... Srlsy if anyone knows how I can have the audio from the announcer (like "Dynamite planted" without having to go through a random freeze of 1-2 secs) I would be glad. To lazy to open a new post cause and only or maybe AAAAALLLWAAAYYSS happens when I am in a 1 on 1) My System: Win 8.1 Intel I5 2500k 3,3 Mhz / Oced to 4,3 Mhz Nvidia GTX 1050 TI RAM: 8 GB DDR 3 Motherboard: f***ed up to look it up right now... If necessary I can post/edit my post. Although IIrc I cant edit my post so gotta post it again. If my cfg is demanded I can also post it later. Not sure who I copied it from and edited it from. Think the base was from Haru or Mouse cant remember cause I modified both of them when I ran them Edit: Looks like I can edit my post. System is for 125 FPS with some small drops to roughly 90FPS but that usually happens on Capuzzo and Gold Rush last stage. So when ~50 ppl are on the same freaking spot. Not sure if thats related to the system or cause Wolf:ET isnt fond of that many players in the same area. Ping ~120 in the scoreboard
  7. Germany - Sweden 2:1 O. Toivonen goal 0:1 (32. Min) https://streamja.com/yN9J Reus goal 1:1 ( 48. Min) https://www.clippituser.tv/c/xbaarg What a last min goal by Kroos (95. Min) https://www.clippituser.tv/c/kaqqxn
  8. I prefer playing Axis but for the question its probably attacking. Doesnt really matter to me as I usually end up attacking the enemy either way unless I want to tryhard at Obj defense once in a blue moon.
  9. Played fa_bremen_final only once so far and it felt really hard to defend. Feels like allies pop out of every corner but definitely better suited for jay1 with more ways to approach the truck instead of one big clusterf*** chokepoint. Will have to play it some more to see what I think about balancing.
  10. I play it from time to time on PC aswell.
  11. Are these the half cookies DJ is allowed to eat?
  12. Considering he lives in germany he gets a new IP assigned every 24h unless he is using a company IP. So yeah the server geoIP database is probably outdated.
  13. Personally if I join Jay 2 or the beginners Jaymod I ignore the adre myself and see it more as a challenge to beat adre without adre. Takes some time to get used to everyone sprinting like crazy but isnt to bad aslong as your team doesnt get overrun.
  14. Stalking this topic without posting and now a week or so after I watched 2 or 3 of Achilles vids youtube wants me to watch more of his vids... Dont have much motivation for ET right now but when I am up for it again I might decide to learn TJ after ignoring it for many years. I mean I can the most basic stuff but thats already my limit right now Edit: f***ed up to attach the screenshot after choosing the file. Pressing another button after choosing the file is difficult!

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