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  1. I'll just post my face here because no one else have posted....
  2. Tune of the year got released today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCM_u0xzx10
  3. I don't know any better translation than just simply: I twist an R around a beam and I put the S into my pocket.
  4. Where is that golden retriever (?) I've seen in your earlier pictures, he/she is waaaaaaaaaaay more cutier than that other one in your latest pics.... Me in my lil bro's graduation party
  5. jer3

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2017

    What the heck, I trusted you both... I guess no fifty bucks incoming.. what a nubs both of you Go Predators wooo!
  6. Heya and welcome to our forum! Glad to hear that you like forum as well as servers
  7. jer3

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2017

    Can we do this same next year with Finnish hockey league? Good luck to everyone!!
  8. jer3

    Use of forums?

    No. PM stands for Private Message, so it will be private between you and the message receiver(s). So you can chat with any user here in forums privately by sending them a pm
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHb_-xF45AU
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLJpJGfp-xg
  11. Sisje

    Where are you Jereeeeee!!

    1. jer3


      Here I am, once again... :) Sorry I've been busy and so exhausted through week since I started in a new job o_O

    2. Sisje


      Woo! Gratz on the new job! And you know you are not allowed to disappear so I'm just checking up on you :P <3

    3. jer3


      Thanks, finally able to look my own apartment :) LOL are you my mom? ::)

  12. Expectations for Sunday: sore feet and a little hangover! Just bought ticket to trance party on Saturday >:)

    1. JuZu


      Cool, which one

    2. jer3


      Ravenation: Synergetic Chapter II at Manala/Botta :) Manuel Le Saux, Scott Envy and Tempo Giusto are the headliners!

    3. JuZu

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