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  1. Mr.Vegeta

    Website Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all.
  2. Already 30 000 profile views :D

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    2. Patrick


      no. you are not yellow.


    3. Mr.Vegeta


      But my hair on picture is xD

    4. yoyo


      do u even have bob?

  3. Mr.Vegeta

    What I did in army

    I will see another year,when will be time for me to go
  4. Mr.Vegeta

    I'm back

    Welcome back
  5. Happy new year

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    2. RedBaird


      Sugeng Warsa Enggal! (Happy New Year in Javanese, to tease PhoeniXx :) )

    3. PhoeniXx


      Jabulela unyaka omusha @RedB translate this lol... It's in Zulu btw

    4. Luki


      Happy New Year Veges! chwala :D

  6. Mr.Vegeta

    Happy New year 2018

    Happy new year,all best
  7. Mr.Vegeta

    Disable Poison Knife Yes/No?

    Personaly i don't like it.
  8. Computer repair,just to see how long,see on server guys!

  9. After monitor death and repair,computer crush,better after better xD.I m active on forum with telephone

    1. Flible


      play on HC with telephone!

    2. RedBaird


      Flible can be sooo cruel! :D

    3. Mr.Vegeta


      Killing spree with telephone

  10. I look my apply,and after 20 month of time how i m accepted i still can't bellieve.I don't know what to say guys,everything i can say is little.Big thank you and i love you all 3

  11. What's up people of the planet Earth? :D

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    2. Mr.Vegeta


      Hhahah i got scared like hell and i get my boat to toilet hahah xD

      I waiting for Goku for helping me to destroy Frieza :D

    3. PhoeniXx
    4. Mr.Vegeta


      There was not that scene i Dragon Ball Z xD

  12. My monitor is death,i will be active again for few days...

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    2. SwissMan


      Man :) come Back we miss u <3

    3. bo0m


      Bem te u dupe, spoji na tv :D

    4. Mr.Vegeta


      Easy-Condolences accepted :D

      Swiss-I'm back <3

      Bo0m-Kada mi je buknuo monitor uhvatio sam se za glavu xD,a ako se opet desi odma za tv pa raspad sistema xD.Sta ima novo brate,odavno se nismo culi :)

  13. Mr.Vegeta

    News Happy Birthday Fearless Assassins

    Happy birthday =F|A=,its proud to be part of you.
  14. Mr.Vegeta

    Other Congratz to our new Co leader !

    Congrats United
  15. Mr.Vegeta

    Hey all, how old r u?

    16 now,17 soon.