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  1. Website Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all.
  2. What I did in army

    I will see another year,when will be time for me to go
  3. I'm back

    Welcome back
  4. Happy New year 2018

    Happy new year,all best
  5. Disable Poison Knife Yes/No?

    Personaly i don't like it.
  6. News Happy Birthday Fearless Assassins

    Happy birthday =F|A=,its proud to be part of you.
  7. Other Congratz to our new Co leader !

    Congrats United
  8. Hey all, how old r u?

    16 now,17 soon.
  9. Happy birthday Annibal and D..X and convertor

    Happy birthday guys,have nice day
  10. the saddest day of my life so far

    My condolence,stay strong mate.
  11. Happy birthday to Audrey and Sponkala

    Happy birthday,have nice day
  12. Love story

    Thank you for posting here. I already do this,limiting contact with her,talk less with her only when she ask me something(maybe little more )
  13. Love story

    She like to talk with me and all that stuffs,we are friends like before,so only can stay at same.But i don't want to be in love with her anymore,so i need to be away from her,but that is immposible because she is in same classroom like.But honestly better to be friends than nothing, Thank you all.
  14. Love story

    Thanks you all very much! Sid is right need to move on,but she go to same classroom with me,i can go without her to not talk with she,but she will talk with me,what i need to do,just to ignore?I can't whine to she or to insult she i really can't.
  15. Love story

    New school year start,that was happens to me one year ago(2015). New school,new friends,and among them i fail in love in one girl.I started to talk with she,go together and hand around with her,after one month of time which i spend with she i tried to be with her,i tell her that i love she more than everything and i fail in love to her.She deny me and she tell me one reason,to my friend in clasroom tell second reason(She lying me for reason).I was broken,but i don't lose hope in that i continue to be friend with she and to prove her that i love she.But she found boyfriend,and then i was so hurt.But that's not for first time that she is with boyfriend(She just be with first,someone verbal fight happens and she just terminated with him and found second,without giving chance to me).I was in in idea to find him and to kick his ass,but my best friend tell that is not good idea,because she will never talk to me again.She go in same classroom with me, so i spend too much time with she in that time whe she has a boyfriend.She killed me in my mind with her beauty.I m still in love with her more that one year.Sometimes that go away from me,but when i talk with she,write on facebook go around etc...she need me more and more. This is proof that in life is to much ups and downs,something can't be avoid.I m still in love with her(When memories back i m too weak).I don't know if i need to continue to be friend with her and to try again.(I tried two times without any success).Or to stop any contact with she. It would be very glad if you gave me some advice or a written your story.Mostly of you are full grow man and was have same problem like me and i will be very happy if someone will share his story or advice to me. Thanks in advance...