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  1. THANK YOU! My god! That is a huge relief. I agree. I don't like name calling and it's obvious that I have been harassed pretty thoroughly. I also think admin abuse is pretty common in ANY community where power is distributed. I'm not bent on changing the community but at least have the dignity to admit there's an issue ya know? That's where my respect stopped.
  2. You said me quitting is accepting I'm wrong. I'm clearly, calmly and firmly asking what I'm wrong about. I take nothing BUT responsibility. And I DO disagree with FA but if you look at my Pondering Pig post, the comments were vicious and I don't think any truly dealt with the topic. They resorted to ad hominem attacks etc. Is this not accurate?
  3. John it's in your hands. If you can clearly explain why I'm wrong and what I"m wrong about, I'll let it go. Promise
  4. Why are you so threatened by me? Do you really have such low self esteem? Dude, it's laughable. You have no purpose and you're just spitting out emotions. YOu can cry all you want. Indeed Yeah shut people up. Don't deal with it. Don't engage. Just shut them up. F-ing nazi.....
  5. "I don't give a f*** what others thing about me and since I was given admin, I am God and I can do whatever the f*** I like." daredevil This is why you deserve to be shot. This is the admin's mantra. I'm aware you're accusing me of this attitude. But you're simply projecting. You're sick and need help.
  6. I would like to extend my apologies to the entire FA community. It has recently come to my attention that Rantala responded to my private message with him and then closed the discussion so unfortunately I can't reply. I feel a deep sense of bafflement towards everyone's responses. I have been abused, insulted and harassed even on my profile which no one is obligated to observe. It seems that discussing shortcomings of any group is a perfect way to be killed. There are many who I've shared laughs and good times with. Friends? Well they seemed rather eager to bash me the minute I questioned our community so I can't say we were friends. I have stood up for players who were mistreated and have encouraged everyone to put some thought into their behavior. It seems no one wants that. Everyone wants to glide along, keeping the boat from rocking and filling with water in their ocean of delusion. Leaving this community would be too easy. Indeed, I no longer have ability to send messages. I have been called narccisistic for some reason. I have been accused of calling people stupid, even from intelligent people. Yet, my discussion remains untouched by discourse. Why focus on attacking the person and avoid the conversation? Well, it's easy. IT's easy to hang gay people for being different. It's easy to wipe out an entire civilization because they don't share the same values. It's easy to be a nazi and rid the world of jews if that's the community you live in. This compliance is despicable! "It's just a game. It's just the internet" but it really isn't. This is a demonstration of how people think. This is the cause of wars, genocide and racism. Compliance to the community is without thinking and being afraid to speak up for your beliefs REGARDLESS of whether your beliefs are right or wrong. Being able to voice them is a sign of a strong community while being bashed for speaking up is a sign of a community in ruin. Join "the club" and support these people. Don't throw in your two cents because it won't be well received. Don't stick up for the weak. Live in delusional fantasies. Justify your behavior as "just" and "appropriate" and "fair". But NONE of that relinquishes your responsibility. You're always responsible for your behavior: both the things you DO and things you DON'T do. I was treated as such because I hit a sore topic. We all know what I said was true and those who took MOST offense are the ones most guilty of abusing your power. This isn't about gaming, this is about how people behave in communities. If you value empathy and compassion, you will not tolerate such behavior. But remember the price:your head. Those who understand the connection I'm making are disgusted. Rightly so. I won't be able to post topics, message anyone or converse welll with these restrictions on me. But I won't be bullied to voluntarily delete my account. As I said, I'm still responsible for my behavior and I won't tolerate threats. To the gallows . . . .
  7. PigNewton

    Untitled Album

  8. Again, insanity. My position is crystal clear. If you're confused, ask me what you're confused about?
  9. It's irrelevant. There are other points which clearly point to inappropriate uses of power. SUre thing. What evidence would you like? Screenshots? Your trust is mistaken
  10. I hope SOMEONE engages in this discussion. Or maybe gamers really are braindead. Can someone prove me wrong? Not a single person has on ANY discussion I've started. Just emotional tantrums from babies. I know it's hard people but THINK Well you're a big smelly poo! There, now we're both wrong lol Just no? Really? You're going to stand by his behavior Audrey?
  11. I understand you're a primitive, really I do. But throwing tantrums isn't an argument lol. Critical thinking is all but gone these days. ... Bless you I said voting is a democratic act. That's agreed. Moving on.
  12. I am in awe of how many people are dismissing this. Shame on you. This isn't about a game, this is about acknowledging abuse of power. I guess Sartre was right: You all will get the war you deserve. Just disgusting. Voting is a democratic act.
  13. WHat are you talking about? AH! You're saying I'm crazy! I'm crazy for illustrating the childish and corrupt nature of certain people in power here? Yes of course! Insane!

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