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  1. YaY

    ET Jay #1 2020 Christmas Maps

    How do we make this happen?
  2. YaY

    ET Jay #1 2020 Christmas Maps

    Anyway we could do Christmas maps early this year? It seems a lot of people are getting in to the Christmas spirit early this year to put a positive end to 2020. Maybe phase one or two in early then the rest gradually.
  3. YaY

    Ping issue

    Tonight 8/14/20 I started playing around 8:50EST and my ping was normal (low) sometime around the second game it jumped back up to 140 with tremendous lag. Just FYI it's an intermittent issue that's still occurring.
  4. YaY

    Ping issue

    On 8/8 my ping was higher (145) in the afternoon and that evening it went back down to 55. Ever since then it has been 145 - 156 spiking up to 213. It may have been lagging prior to 8/8 as well but I cannot look back that far. Not sure if that helps you isolate any changes that occurred.
  5. YaY

    Ping issue

    Hey All, I typically ping around 30-40 on Jay 1 and I have been having the same issue and it started sometime within the last two weeks. I didn't play at all two weeks ago, but when I came back I was pinging at 130-190 with constant red spikes on the lagometer and constant background lag. It is unplayable at times as players just chop around the screen. I reached out to Tipsy today and he said there was a post on the forums so I am backing it. This only occurs on Jay 1. I have reset all of my configs and tried settings things with no improvement. I have swapped
  6. YaY


    looks like we have an expert here gj
  7. YaY

    ET Jay #1 New Jay1 Server Questions

    @Broham Thanks, I did see that the server was on there but tracbase is not recording players TSP like the old one did. I am not sure what the exact problem or solution is.
  8. YaY

    ET Jay #1 New Jay1 Server Questions

    @Scarface I open ET Legacy, hit play online and it populates servers filtered by my favorites. It's the only was I have connected to ET servers since the days of gamespy.
  9. YaY

    ET Jay #1 New Jay1 Server Questions

    Hey all, I am asking these questions in an effort to keep the server as populated as possible. I noticed that the old FA Recruiting Server is (was) still active with no redirect to the new server's IP address. I frequent the forums and didn't see much communicated about the old server getting switched to the new one. I foresee people that used to play on the old server not realizing that there is a new server to connect to and just thinking that the old one went down. Additionally, the new server is not ranking players on et.trackbase.net. I know that many pla
  10. 1.) 1998 - Doom 2 over dial up modems with my brother. 2.) 1998 - 2001 - Quake 1 / Quakeworld / Quakeworld Team Fortress (best game) 3.) 1999 - 2001 - Quake 3 Arena, Quake 3 Fortress (this game was later turned into Wolf ET) 4.) 2005 - Wolf ET
  11. What's the update on this?
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