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  1. Hello I'm just trying ET:legacy, but when I try to connect to silent server I get the next message: Disconnected from server. Server file name " silent/~fearless_ssp_b1.pk3" is containing an invalid character for the ET:Legacy file structure Downloading file denied. I think it's because of this character: ~ What do you think? Has anyone successfully connected to silent servers using ET:Legacy?
  2. ø<:>

    1. RedBaird


      Did you suffer a head shot?

  3. I can't access the webpage, but I will try to guess its content. The difference is the configuration of the potentiometer, it can be used as a variable resistor (which will control current passing through the fan), or can be used as a voltage divider (which will control the voltage across the fan). Basically: Variable resistor -> Potentiometer (also named rheostat only for this configuration) is connected in series with the fan, therefore, both of them will have the same current, but different voltages. Voltage divider -> Potentiometer is in parallel with the fan, therefore, both of them will have the same voltage, but different currents passing through each one.
  4. I'm back, hope to be here often =)

    1. United Blood

      United Blood

      Hey, welcome back :)

    2. St0rmSlaSh


      Welcome back m8!

    3. RedBaird


      Back Attack (ing)

  5. Ag47

    KR on Silent server

    I think it depends on the class you play more. For example, a field ops can do a lot of kills with artyllery, but his K/R will be lower than it should be (because, well, it's artillery...). I ussualy play as covert ops and my K/R should be less than 1.0 (I have sadly done about 4000 kills and died 6000 times), but, game says my K/R is 2.2. K/R in hardcore server seems to be multiplied by 2.
  6. Ag47

    Favorite weapon

    Sten, I love its precision and I feel like I can aim faster (maybe it's just a feeling...)
  7. Ag47

    !Fart command

    There are some sounds in a compressed package. Check for ~fearless_ssp_b1.pk3 file inside silent mod folder. Sounds are in "hell" folder (once you uncompressed ~fearless_ssp_b1.pk3). I remebmer that someone played the orgasm sound to me a few years ago. lol!
  8. .What's on your mind?

    1. St0rmSlaSh
    2. Xernicus


      Fixing the f--king backup system at work...

  9. I was studying the periodic table for a test, so ag47 was the fisrt thing that came to mind. Ag = silver and 47 is the atomic number. I think there is also a movie called agent 47.
  10. Welcome to the forums, that car sounds amazing!
  11. happy holidays

    1. berlinerbol
    2. RedBaird


      Is it already HH-Time again?

  12. There is RFI in my phone, and that's not good :(

    1. RedBaird


      What kind of phone? Mobile or landline? If a mobile, then some nearby device is emitting RFI at higher-than-allowed national standards. Or the nearest cell-tower is having troubles, or your phone is going kaplooky or .... :) If a landline, it could be that you need a new "dropline" from the pole to your house.

    2. Ag47


      It's landline, internet fails every 5 minutes too. I literally hear AM radio ads on the telephone, lol. I guess I have to call my ISP

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