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  1. Agree on selfdamage from flamer and bazooka. Same for all other explosions. Agree on reduce bot amount. Try it for some time. Hope it won't make the server boring (less bots = less amount of players shown in server)... Voted! Would really LOVE to see Saberpeak in there! That's such a great map <3
  2. WElcome to forums! Saw you already in server. Enjoy!
  3. Heeheeee! Congratiolations! Enjoy your new rank!
  4. Heeheee! Welcome to servers and forums! Enjoy!
  5. Woowow! Hopefully you will get 100% recovered soon! Good luck and best wishes with that! Glad to hear the surgery is succeeded! See you soon.
  6. Hellooo! Welcome on our forums! Enjoy your time here!
  7. Heehee! Happy birthday! Enjoy your day!
  8. Hello Blaat! Welcome to servers and forums! Enjoy your time here!
  9. Heeehee! Good luck with your meal! I know a really nice vegetarian recipe. Tried to translate it for you.. Ingredients (4 persons): 100 gr. fresh spinach 300 gr. pasta 2 pointed peppers 3 balls mozzarella cheese 2 tablespoons Pesto 250 gr. tomatoes 150 gr. lettuce Dressing1 tablespoon lemonjuice 1 theelepel mustard 1 teaspoon honing Pepper and salt Little bit of oil TIME: 30 mins and 20 mins oven time. Heat the over to 200 degrees celcius. Mix all ingredients for the dressing and set it apart in a cup or something. Bake the spinach in a pan till it starts to slink down. Slice the pointed peppers in halves over the length and wash it. Remove all seeds. Fill the peppers with the baked spinach. Slice the mozzarella cheese balls in pieces and place it over the peppers. Get some pesto over the peppers and straw a bit of pepper and salt over it. Place your filled peppers in an oven dish and set the timer for 20 minutes (200 degrees celsius). At the same time, cook the pasta with a little bit of salt till it's done. Slice the tomatoes in pieces or in halves. Mix the pasta, lettuce and tomatoes. Place it on a plate and season it with your dressing. Place your peppers on your salad
  10. Em!ly


    Hey, welcome to our forums! Enjoy!
  11. Ajax without Dolberg, Feyenoord without Vilhena.. Nice. We'll gonna win this one DF!
  12. Heeeey Sponge, welcome (back)! Enjoy your time in here!
  13. Amstel RADLEEEERR! Weather was great today so we need a fresh radler Loveee
  14. What a match, Barcelona. And indeed, the ref was really terrible... Never give him a match again. Besides of this; Dortmund also a really great match. Aubaumeyang is soooo super fast. Love it!
  15. Heeee Lilly, welcome on forums! Saw you yesterday for some minutes Love your colours! Enjoy your stay here

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