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  1. thanks all .. sounds good... i just figured i'd ask a few questions before going off on some folks in game... danke sirs... crow
  2. I just bought COD4 and I really dig it. Do we have any servers that don't have air raids helos / jets dropping shit every 3 seconds. The problem I see is we have guys playing on beginners that I know for a fact are not beginners. Last I checked beginners don't have 70 kills and 10 deaths per map. So, we have an empty hardcore server due to the above.. and a frag fest on beginners due to the above. Kind of scratching my head here f/a's. Does F\A have a COD4 server for beginners without air strikes? Or, is that always a part of the game. I just bought it 3 days ago. bear w/ me. I'm more of a sniper vs a run and gun.. i will do the latter if i get pissed off enough. but, lately i can't even get out of the fkn spawn without dying every 3 steps. crow. o.0
  3. where's the kaboom.. there was supposed to be an earth shattering kabooom .... :) hey i got cod4 let me know if you've got it.. or if you're going to be around next couple of days..

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      Work and life!

  4. In case of emergency print and recite this if you find yourself in a foreign land and getting thirsty... Beer In Other Languages: Afrikaans: bier Albanian: birrë Amharic: bira Anglo-Norman: biere Arabic: beereh (biræ) جعة / شراب من الشعير / جعة / المزر شراب نوع من الجعة / بيرة Armenian: garejure, kara choor / գարեջուր Azerbaijani: pivo / pivə /pivə Basque: garagardoa Belarusian: piva / піва Bengali: beer / বিয়ার Bislama (Vanuatu pidgin): bia Bosnian: pivo Breton: bier Bulgarian: bira / Бира / бира / пиво Burmese: ဗီယာ Catalan: cervesa Chechenian: jij Chichewa: mowa Chinese (Cantonese): pear zao Chinese (Mandarin): pi jiu Chinese (Simplified): 啤酒 Chinese (Traditional): 啤酒 Corellian (Star Wars): lum Creole: bear Croatian: pivo Czech: pivo Danish: øl Dutch: bier Dzongkha (Bhutan): ཆང་སྐོལ English: beer Esperanto: biero Estonian: kesvamärjuke / õlu Faeroese: øl, bjór Farsi: ابجو Filipino: serbesa Finnish: olut, kalja, pikkutekijä / slang: olvi Flemish: bier / slang: pint (rhymes w/hint) French: bière / slang: une mousse (foam), une binouze Frisian: bier Gaelic: leann (lionn), beòir Galician (Galego): cerveja, cervexa Georgian: ლუდი German: Bier Greek: mpíra (bira), zýthos / μπύρα / μπίρα / ζύθος Greenlandic: immaaraq Hausa: giya Haitian Creole: byè Hawaiian: pia Hebrew: beera / באר / שכר / בירה Hindi: biyara / बियर Hungarian: sör Icelandic: öl, bjór Ido: biro Indian (Tamil): Madhubaanam Indonesian: bir Interlingua: bira Irish (Gaeilge): beoir Italian: birra Japanese: biiru / ビール / ビア / 麦酒 Kalaallisut: baaja / immiaq Kazakh: сыра Khmer: Dughck / ប៊ីយេរ Kinyarwanda: ibyeri Kirundi: inzoga Korean: mek-ju (maek-joo) / 맥주 / 발포성 음료 Kurdish: bîre / بیره‌ Lakota (Sioux): m’nee-pee-gah Lao: ເບຍ Lappish: vuola Latgalian: ols Latin: cerevisia, cervisia, fermentum Latvian: alus Lithuanian: alu, alus Luganda: bbiya Luxembourgish: béier / garejure Macedonian: pivo / пиво Malay: bir / ബിയർ Maltese: birra Manx: lhune, beer Maori: pia Mexican: chelas / slang: birongas, cebadas, cheves, espumosas, güeras, helodias Mongolian: шар айраг Navajo: bizhééʼ hólóní Neo: biro Nepali: biyar, jad Norse: aul Norwegian: øl Novial: bire Occitan: bièra, cervesa Ossetic: bæegæny Old English: beor / ealu Panama: slang: pinta Pashto: بير او Persian (Farsi): ab’jo / ابجو Pidgin: bia Pig Latin: eer-bay Polish: piwo Portugese: cerveja Punjabi: bir sharab Quechua: sirbisa / slang: bejeca, jola Romansch: biera / gervosa Rheto-Rumansch: biera Romanian: bere Russian: pivo / Пиво Samoan: pia Sardinian: birra Serbian: pivo Sesotho: jwala Sinhalese: Bire Slovak: pivo Slovene: pivo Somali: biir Somalian: khamri Southern Sotho: jwala Spanish: cerveza / slang: brusta Swahili: bia, pombe Swedish: öl / slang: bärs Tagalog (Philippines): serbesa Tajik: pivo / пиво Tamil: Madhubaanam / தோப்பி Tatar (or Tartarian): bira / sira / сыра Telugu: బీరు Tetum: serveja Thai: bia / ที่ขายเบียร์ / เบียร์ Tok Pisin: bia Tongan: pia Turkish: bira / slang: arpa suyu Turkmen: piwa / piwo Tswana: bojalwa Twi: bee-ye Ukrainian: pivo / пиво / слабкий алкогольний напій Uighur: پىۋ Urdu: بوزہ Uzbek: pivo Vietnamese: bia / rượu Volapük: bil / bir / hodabir / vuitabir Welsh: cwrw Xhosa: ibhiye Yiddish: bir / ביר Zulu: utshwala
  5. Daily beer: for ease of drinkability and lack of hangovers.. natural light milwalkees best light miller light payday beers and or beers to start off a night Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.. for hot summer days... Corona bottle with a lime for odd squirrely days leinenkugels honey weiss or new belgium fat tire best american bottled beer of the old school beers.. Coors original any beer is a good beer unless that beer is expired ..
  6. SerialKiller aka Serial says I can use him as a referral as well now. danke sir
  7. First name: Nick Any sort of Nickname/ET in game name: Scarecrow Age: 40 What country are you from?: USA Are you a Parent?: No How many siblings do you have?: 02 What's your shoe size?: 11 1/2 What do you do for a living?: Park Ranger Greatest Fear?: not sure.... spiders i reckon Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Snowboarding down crazy double black diamond routes... Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) tookk apart a box of snap-pops in study hall class, separated out each individual powder and grabbed about 5 kleenex's and put all the stuff back into the kleenex's making a super snap pop.. then i was twisting it up tight to get it ready for detonation, right before the bell rang .... it went kerBOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM.. let's just say i found out what in school suspension was.. scared everyone to death.. and burnt my face all up... First thing you look for in a new friend?: eye contact/how they hold them selves and difference from others.. Farthest you've been from home?: Mexico/Canada/California/Florida What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: seemed like a good place to call home/friends. Cat or Dog?: cat What are your hobbies?: people watching, photography, writing, snowboarding, fishing, flyfishing, hunting, hiking, jeep-ing, online gaming. What kind of Sports do you like?: soccer, volleyball. What's your favorite color?: black How about your favorite type of music?: alternative/ 60's / 40's Favorite Song?: The End.. by the Doors. What's your favorite TV show?: big bang theory What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): comedy/war Favorite Movie?: saving private ryan Favorite Book?: the hobbit What do you like most about yourself?: the medic in me / prior real life emt and in game medic What do you hate most about yourself?: i can be reclusive... What makes you very happy?: being in the middle of nowhere in beautiful places and appreciating the absolute beauty of creation What makes you very sad?: dealing with stupidity What's your favorite beverage?: beer What you're favorite food/snack?: pizza / cheetohs Favorite actor/Actress?: Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan Favorite season? Why?: Winter - snow makes everything clean and quiet Favorite subject in school?: physics Favorite thing to learn about?: natural resources / environment If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Switzerland What are your top three games of all time?: don't know .... i've stuck w/ ET for many years. Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: NA Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: NA How many games do you own?: NA Do you play console?: play what What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): home computer What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): the weather channel
  8. Silent - is the main server I haunt...hang around/hunt em on.. I guess I haven't noticed any issues w/ the map rotations locking or playing the same maps over and over. My suggestion if it isn't broke don't try to fix it.. In past clans we would jack around with trying to get the best maps and the best rotations and all that.. Then we would get everything perfect and everyone was happy.. then bam... the server would crash.. cause.. too many maps in rotation.. and a 100 other issues, using coming back to messing w/ the maps in the rotation. But at the time we had 4 guys all trying to fix everything and that caused problems as well. I would say if the players aren't complaining.. then roll w/ it. If everyone is griping.. then tell em to come to the forums and vote for what maps they want in the rotation. I'm actually surprised your vote able maps work.. so that's good..in and of itself.. run w/ it... bear with me.. i've been sick the past couple days and the above may make no logical sense whatsoever... crow
  9. thanks for the warm and fuzzy welcome all i keep getting notified to post more on the forums.. i am not a poster I'm a player and a prior high admin and founder of a few clans. i do not have the time or the patience for dinking around w/ forums.. it has never worked in any of my previous clans and if that means i won't be considered for f/a then i really don't care. i work alot and do my best to motivate others to work together as a team in game.. I used to use teamspeak and a variety of other voice comm systems.. but most have gone on to other 1st person shooter games.. if you want me to use the above then send me the connection info.. i've been and am in law enforcement i know all about tactical room entry and how to destroy another team w/ voice comms alone.. i used to run scrims and lets' just say i did a shit ton of work and everyone got pissed off at me for being 'too serious' too tactical, too this too that.. one guy can only do so much.. So it is what it is.. Cya in the game... Crow breached the 40K XP mark.. hold the applause it's just me .... o.0 Scarecrow hits the 40K XP mark..
  10. Scarecrow's hello and application to the F|A for your review. I have about 30K XP at present and I frequent the F|A Silent XP Save server. I've been playing this game since the mod of ET came out from RTCW, many moons ago. I am most prone to playing medic as I was a prior EMT in the real world Coast Guard and so I hold that class above all others to do their duty.. You will also see me go covert /sniper etc. and will go engineer if need be - if others are actually playing / doing the objective. See you in the game eh... In game Name (Gaming Alias): Scarecrow