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  1. Big thx to all who are mentioned bellow for supporting me with my twitch channel and the F|A channel. If i forgot you i am very sorry and for those who didn't reply in the topic but still supported big thx to you as well. Don't forget to support our friends channel also. @GHARIB @Chef<3 @DeKing @Sisje @XeRoiX @Sphalman @Vice86 @Flag @MPover @!MX @Betinho @flamer1 @PikeKiller @Xiahou Dun @D..X @daredevil @CheepHeep @RendeL @United Blood @Leatherface @L3ftY. @Vindstot @C0C4N4T10N @Nancy @Puni @Professor Tony @Mint Candies @Ins4ne @razjee @Cross Marian @RedAngel @Mad Doc @Cab
  2. I don't know how to answer to comment in the same post but anyway , first you don't call me a**h**** , don't u ever do it cuz i never insulted you .. second the log you posted shows exactly that cloud started provoking me.
    and tony interfered first and i didn't even insult him , i told him to open the thread .. and elcabron muted me and warned me and he didn't even warn cloud .. wtf is this.

    here is a better solution for you and me .. just ban me from this forum and from FA servers it's better i guess, anyhow you all do this to old members and bring new clowns to control FA servers,.

    1. rambozo37



      first you don't call me a**h**** , don't u ever do it cuz i never insulted you

      You never insulted me that's true. I never intended to insult you either. 

      I never said directly you are an A**H*** but you act like one. Its different. Acting like an a**h*** and being one for real is not the same thing. So you are accusing me of insulting you now. You know i can play with words also and twist things up just like you ;) 


      I don't get it you only see what you want to see and think we cannot find anything on you while we have multiple proof of bad behavior coming from you.


      Have a good day sir




  3. I don't know why you closed the thread , you didn't even let me comment .. all the false said about me , they always provoke me and now I can't defend myself ? even now i got muted by el cabron and cloud started insulting me on private messages cuz he knows I can't reply him .. what your say about that? it's a gang and they are against me and i won't kneel in front of them.
    that was taken 5 mins ago on HC server.
    they let cloud insult me and they mute me when i answer him , then they let him insult me on PM when am muted.

    1. rambozo37


      Concerning the admin abuse topic it is a closed case. We have all the proof we need concerning this situation. Don't take us for idiots. We have many tools to track down stuff in server. You were not saying all the truth. You cannot say it is false things said about you because we have it in our faces. 


      Now That cloud guy has nothing to do with your admin abuse topic. He is not an F|A member. No one said you cannot defend yourself, just Report him like you just did here and we will deal with it. I feel you just gave me a screenshot that advantages you and not giving the whole story and you play the victim. So i was sent a few Screenshots. log and demos. Dude you are not helping your case. 


      Here i made a little compilation from log and Screenshot just for you. Before you say its fake i have all original screenshots.

      You came in server pissed off because i close the topic and started drama again. You even got a warn before being muted. What will it take for you to stop?




      Seems to me you tried to provoke again, insulting people and disrespecting admins plus saying racist remarks

      Also your racist remarks don't fall on blind eyes. Let me remind you of our rule




      Maybe If you would stop acting like an a**h*** to everyone you would get little bit of respect. Our admins are rightfully tired of your shit show.


      Now behave and stop wasting our time. 


    2. GI-JOE
    3. D..X
  4. I want to say a big thank you, to everyone who was implicated directly or indirectly in this gameday and making this a success and fun times for our guests, regulars and members. Glad to see many people had fun. Always warms my hearth to see good comment after the efforts put in. Looking forward to see you in the next gameday
  5. Part 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/974039173?filter=highlights&sort=time Part 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/974040254?filter=highlights&sort=time
  6. streaming gameday on twitch. No comments my mic is broken https://www.twitch.tv/rambozo37
  7. I will be streaming a part of the gameday So if you cannot join us in game you can watch it https://www.twitch.tv/rambozo37
  8. Hey man! had fun games with you on N!tmod Welcome to the forum
  9. thx monster this is very useful
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