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  1. Eh bullocks, Y'all found out so quickly lol, yeah i aint that woman yall loved, Just an ordinare 20 year old guy :P

    1. LilGrandma


      Was a fun Ride though.

  2. Could someone please tell me what i did wrong? Why are you all Suddenlly Hating me :|?

    1. Mr.Vegeta


      How do you feel when you hate me? :)

    2. LazyHippo


      Hating is that feeling that is destroyin Earth.. hola LilGrandma :)

  3. Not Proud of putting my picture up, But alright there you go.

    1. Chameleon


      Oh hush, you should see my ugly mug lol

    2. LilGrandma


      I'm pretty sure you're gorgeous compared too me ;)

  4. Worst day ever.

  5. i am Highly dissappointed in u 2, i never thought you 2 to turn into such mean people, such a shame.

  6. Have a great Day everyone ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LilGrandma


      Mostly on Jay2, how bout you?


    3. LazyHippo


      Im on Silent and NQ1

      Hope to see you sometime soon!

    4. LilGrandma


      i think ima try NQ somethime idk.

  7. Healthy or Unhealthy. a Long Life, or Love forever. The decision We all have too make. No matter what road u take. We make mistakes, we choose right. We feel good, and bad till the next night. We swear and we Apologize. We all throw the same Dice. Eventually the lights go out. We'll all be missed, But till then, Go All-out made By : Linda Joice Op't Holt. Yes, i stil make them , Next one is next week, till then
  8. For those who care, i got Diagnosed with Lung Cancer, it's stil at it's beginning phase, so it's stil cureable iff treaten the right way.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LazyHippo


      Whoa I hope you get well fighting that! its a battle! also hope you will get treatment, get well!

    3. LilGrandma


      Haha, Thank you very much for those inspiring words Hippo, i will do so as good as i can ^_^

    4. Helsen


      goodluck and strength!

  9. Congratulations too All of you
  10. i tryed those a couple years back, not rlly fond of those things lol.
  11. Thank you for those lovely words , but it is just at it beginnings phase so it's stil recoverable, though i'll have too watch out with how much i smoke a day, preferbly i stop, but yeah, try quiting smoking after smoking for 45 years >.<
  12. Grandma's Home everyone ^^

  13. Goodlcuk Dear ^^

  14. Grandma's Home Everyone ^_^

  15. I wanna say that Your lovely grandma is back home again after a couple of looooooooong days in the hospital, i have bad news too say, because according too the doctors i have the 1st stage of Lung cancer. it's not deadly nor will it slow me down at this point, but i will need too go too the Hospital once every 3/4 weeks for a clean-up/check-up, They gave me some Medicine in hope they'll hit on and stabilize my situation. Although i am not happy with the news, i will continue living on and playing on your lovely server, although i will Have too take a 5 min break every now and then ofcourse Haha. Dear Regards, Yours Only Lil'Grandma

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