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  1. Helsen

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    @Sisje: no time to even begin :). Working, and preparing for the trip to California. Will be fun if I can watch the Avs match(es) on US television there somewhere. Or any other match even. Too bad I am quite far away from it, or I might have attended the SJS vs AD match on the 18th
  2. Jay 1 down


    1. Vindstot




  3. Helsen

    Website Welcome to our new updated website

    Yeah, I saw the follow section. I even tried it, but already got scared by all the notifications I got from even following like the first 8 people I followed. I ´unfollowed´them all (no offense meant to any of you I unfollowed, sorry ).
  4. Helsen

    Website Welcome to our new updated website

    I miss the friends part, and I am not sure if I put something up my profile if it is just a post or part of my profile page (which I want it to be)
  5. Helsen

    5 best live

    : Ok, my number 2 live experience in hardrock-metal. I they only played this song and sad but true from The Black Album. Not that I did mind, since i prefer their works from before the Black Album. I did not attent Moscow (obviously). Unofficially 1,6 mln people were here in Moscow, but saw them in the same tour in Nijmegen. They were there together with AD-DC, The Black Crowes and Queensryche on the Monsters of Rock Tour. f***in´amazing!!




  7. I don't like baby pics, and i do not like babies either. But I do like the fact you are happy
  8. Helsen

    5 best live

    Ok, my first. In genre hardrock/metal As said in anothe topic. Besides musically very good this band had the loudest volume of any live-act I have been to
  9. Helsen

    5 best live

    Ok, guys 'n gals... A new topic . The rules (and please keep them in mind!) are simple. Post a song from a band/ singer/dj eg you saw live that impressed you (or you liked a lot). Post 1 song at a time (to build suspension, give other posters a chance to post too and so on...) Try to find 1 song from 1 band. Try to post 5 bands/ singers/dj's in the end. Try to stay in 1 genre. Finish your 5 posts in 1 genre before moving to another genre! Small combinations are allowed: like rock/ metal, soul/ r&b, pop/rock/ , country/pop, hardstyle/hardhouse etc. But.... all must have been seen live by you!!! Ofcourse explanations, memories shared are welcome!! Goodluck and have fun!!!
  10. Helsen

    What song are you listening right now? - Part 7

    Decided to post 5 different rock/metal bands I saw live and impressed me . first 1 was ACDC. This is the second one. The volume was so loud i thought my ears would bleed. Edit: I will leave this 1 standing here too, but felt a new topic coming up. So you will find it there too
  11. Helsen

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1

    I play on J1 for several reasons: gamewise the m97 and its power. I am 1 (of the few) medics that plays obj a fair amount of time. And I do what medics suppose to do: I heal. I choose healing above saving myself from a death most o t time. The thing is alot of meds are the raters, they heal themselves and r quite powerful tbh. One of the few things I have against the raters r the gun and my nades. Because mostly the raters use those less as medics. So I like it that way . I also play for the players who i like on J1. Don't get me wrong: a lot of players r twats... but there r a lot of nice ones too I played on NQ1 too. I like the players there too, and some vsays. A very big plus there is the ability to pick up any weapon. Makes it a lot of fun. But... I miss my Lucille there (m97 j1 style) , so lately I stick to j1. So server have a different style and that is good. I am wondering if indeed not J1 changes, but small changes on other server(s) might do (part of) the trick.