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  1. Hey amiga: that is NOT a fake pic I have. Just an old one :0. And I at least can say I have pic up here where you can see me. Still missing yours :P

    1. Neuro


      Hey Helsen. Mhmmmm ok I believe you. The day I post one is the day I stop caring what people think.

    2. Helsen


      hmmm, too bad. Better not to care anyway


  2. Did put some more pictures up. No more sexy vixens for now, but some really sexy beasts all the same :P

  3. Helsen

    DSC_6345 (3).JPG

    Mama and baby killer-whale
  4. @LeftWingVixen : yes ;). Got some really cute and beautiful ones of you when you are awake too! But too much mb.
  5. Helsen

    Helsen´s stuff TM, copyrighted ;)

    Wildlife stuff
  6. Got the first picture of a sleeping Vixen ;)

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    2. CheepHeep


      Post it!

    3. Helsen


      I did already :)


    4. Vindstot


      You took photo of @LeftWingVixen when she was asleep? :o

  7. Saganakiiii!!!!

    1. kouklos


      κεφτεδακιαααα + τζατζικιιιιιιιιι !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ❤️

  8. Helsen

    USA Westcoast

    Just been to Cali for 2,5 weeks. But from all the stuff you are visiting I just did Sequoia and Yosemite, and SF for a day (more than enough). I don't go to clubs. Only bars. We stayed in Mariposa for Yosemite NP. If you are there keep in mind there is really nothing going on. But there is a little gem of a bar called The Hide-Out Saloon. Funky as hell. I had a great time there for 2 days in a row. Even sang karaoke (nothing fancy. Is on wednesdays). We did highway 1. which was great. I reckon you will take highway 395. If not: you should! Biggest thing: take a whale-watching trip from Monterey!! We had 7 killer-whales hunting and killing a grey whale! And although in september you probably will not see killer whales in september (best season is april/ may) you have chance on other whales. We had 5 national parks, 4 regional parks and 2 boat trips. All i can say: keep in mind that USA is big. Distances can be immense, but most of all: traffic can be bad and it will make a bad combi of distance and hours. So be smart and calculate some more like 'lazy' days. Ano Nuevo SP is good for elephant seals normally, but I think they r gone by then. Try the sea otters in Moss Landing if you decide to do the boat trip in Monterey
  9. Helsen


    Hey guys, I just post this because maybe some of you will take a look and give it a thought or 2. I really must admit I normally do not do this kind of thing, neither the other thing I did. Ok here is the deal: Baska: a really long time member of F|A came out with a shout out some days before (and I am afraid in between all the bs posts that r being made here all day and everyday it wis already lost and forgotten ). She needed and still needs help for her doggy. It needs medications or it will not survive and Baska is at the end of her powers in this. Even below zero. With meds the dog might survive. I donated. WTF?? yeah i know, but to be honest because it is about an animal, not a human. I cannot stand animals suffering. Although this is not the first thing I have done for animals (no big deal imo), it is the first here. And the first for 1 human being I do not actually know irl but at least is not a total stranger. And no, tbh I have never even spoken to Baska. But.... I saw her comments, her helping on the server, the nice and kind words everyone gives her and the enthusiasm when she comes on here and people recognize it. A lot of you older members will recognize or even know her, maybe the newer ones should. One other reason is I have a animal myself that is getting older and I already dread the day he might be gone. So I related. Anyway, as said .... she needs help. Your help. So if you can and feel up to it, plz pm her. Tbh she is too shy for this. And since I am outspoken already I just made this topic. I will not make any of these topics in the future again, nor will i donate to anything again (I think :P). But as said read and contemplate. i think for me it is also a bit like my job. Save 1 and you saved all Thank you for your time
  10. Shite! We had a really nice girl in jay1 all the time... what was his name again?
  11. I do prefer your place there instead of some car :)

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