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  1. Helsen

    NHL 2018-2019

    I hope we will keep this line and Colorado will change places with Wild in your prediction for the play offs and final rankings :). Still a big compliment again for all your work in analyses and teamdescriptions.
  2. Going to Luke Combs concert tonight in Amsterdam :)

  3. Helsen

    Dards / *darTs

    those machines r fun! But not real darts tbh
  4. Helsen

    Dards / *darTs

    Yeah, darts is just a lot of fun.
  5. Helsen

    Dards / *darTs

    i used to play darts in a pub-team a long time ago. Highlight was a big victory over an opponent 4 divisions higher in a cup-fight. I even threw a 180 then
  6. @Cit0 : actually I hope for you and the Bolts to go a long way, may you still have 3 wins in the AFC West, except against my Broncs :P. @AzkaL101Chicago looks on fire with Mack, but I am not sure how long the good stuff will last into the season. Wishing you well @Hulk well we played you guys already and had a close win. Although I liked the amount of sacks. Goodluck! This weekend should give a great possibility to get some confidence back in road games for the Broncos. I mean : 1-8 are just really shitty stats. I will be happy with 2 sacks each from both Von and Chubb and our running backs having a feast. have fun y'all this weekend
  7. On this day 14 years together with my lovely girl ❤️

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    2. Anton Chigurh

      Anton Chigurh

      Good for you man stay happy and keep it up

    3. D..X


      congrats :)

    4. kouklos


      Congrats!!!! And enjoy together  with more κεφτεδακια σαγανακια και λαδοτυρια 😋

  8. 5 weeks to Indonesia


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    2. D..X


      enjoy mate :)

    3. Hulk


      That's sounds like a great time!! Safe travels to you.😀 (my team sucking this year)

    4. Helsen


      Thanks Vindstot, Dixie and Hulk. But still 5 weeks to go :D. And Hulk: I know that feeling from my team last year. I hope yours and mine will step up this year.

  9. I do not eat chickens anymore

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    2. Vindstot


      And anyless?

    3. LazyHippo


      Wise idea...

    4. Helsen


      Cheep: I decided that I do not really need to eat meet. I found lots of great stuff and meals without animals having to be killed for it. But I am not a fanatic, if for example I am abroad and there is no good vegi option I might consider eating some meat for once. It is more the idea that it does not matter how or how much, but any day without meat will mean already a day without an animal or nature being hurt. So everyday then is a good deed day and that made it easier to say: let's make as many good deed days as possible. I must say it is much more easier than I expected :)

  10. Hey Pinto, Welcome to the forums. We have talked a little bit online in the past, but i doubt you remember (about birdwatching). Anyway goodluck with your application too. Ow, I am gonna visit your region next feb/march . I will be starting in Austin and then Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen, Big Bend NP, Kerrville back to Austin. Maybe I will try to get some info on you on wildlife (mammals and cetaceans mostly). Cya around, Helsen
  11. every now and then I got to watch this cult classic
  12. Helsen

    Travel History

    Okay, Turkey trip ended. 35. forgot about stop over at Singapore. Indonesia trip in progress. Finding nature-trip possibilities and wildlifeguides And next trip for march 2019 in the making (plane-tickets bought): Texas!!

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