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  1. Whenhigh

    Hehehe I had to dance at this time, idk why, but I had to
  2. If this map is good, I would really like to try it on Fun 1
  3. Other Welcome our new leader A_Snake

  4. Who Are You?

    Welcome !
  5. et server =F|A= Halloween Horror Heist Gameday

    Thanks all events organizers, it was just PERFECT ! Next time I'll help
  6. I'll change my computer

    Kind of that, yes. 1st bad experience with amazon warehouse deals, but the worst !
  7. I'll change my computer

    Hey guys, I'm so sad... The computer I ordered was not working, Amazon took it back this morning. I had it for 830€ instead of 1500-1700... at warehouse deals, but they told that only the packaging was used.... So, I'm still running with my HP Pavilion dv7 Thanks for your tips anyway !
  8. Who Are You?

    Welcome on forums !
  9. I'll change my computer

    Thanks Quovadis, email auto-sent with my etkey. I'll be back for graphics and other configurations when my new PC will be set up ! (this model : http://www.asus.com/AllinOne-PCs/ET2702IGKH/ ) video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9dBNu2TA6E#t=52
  10. I'll change my computer

    Hi there, I will receive my new computer tomorrow But... Will I keep the same GUID and xp saved or I will have everything new ? I am a real noob in configuration, so I will probably need help
  11. Funny screenshots from our server!

    You should see the video
  12. et server suggestion FUN#1

    Western Beta is awesome ! But... what about an update of the list of maps ? Some of them are never used, and there is a lot of fun maps for fun servers Please, F|A God, install new maps for this week-end. Amen.
  13. et server suggestion FUN#1

    I saw a new map today, it was a kind of western, but I cannot find it at the end of game, when the choice of new map appears. Was it a test from an admin ?
  14. Ping

    It was on Fun1 server, running on Silent Mod. I will try the /players and !ping functions. After, the guy is honest and I don't think he modified anything in a cheating way in his config.