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  1. Been of for about a week. Simply too much r/l going on, but I'm here. Will try and make time to stalk a server.

    1. RedBaird


      Good to hear that you don't visit here out of boredom! :)

    2. ARCHON


      Haha no, I've been dying to hang out all week. :)

  2. Do you guys simply throw in Halloween skins/sounds/weather/packs on until and Xmas skins/sounds/weather/packs on Thanksgiving until New Years? Would seem nice.
  3. Certainly not, I am lucky to have stayed with Windows 8... From what I have read on these and other forums, I want 0 parts of Win10.
  4. Also, just wanted to say, I am trying this fix now and it will test it for several session playing and report back here. If it works it may help other laptop users. In the meantime I am still open to any alternative suggestions. As I type, the suggestions in this video have already stopped this darn thing from blowing hard! LoL.
  5. I have an HP envy dv6 Notebook PC. Compared to my ancient Desktop, this computer kicks azz in every way. It can play and run games I can't dream of using my desktop for. However, I have run into a cooling issue. Almost instantly, within 5 minutes of doing anything meaningful, the fan kicks on and never turns off because the laptop is incredibly hot. This is particularly an issue when playing ET because I have probably the lowest ping of everyone on every server I join, but constantly get lag killed and have issues when playing Et I never have when on my ancient desktop. I have tried taking it apart to clean the fan but I encountered 4 screws inside the assembly after you remove the cover screws from the back of the laptop. These screws seem plastered in place I have proper screw drivers for these screws but the more force I apply it seems to just strip them. I quit before I really did any permanent damage stripping the screws open. The laptop is about 2.5 years old so I know the fan could use a good cleaning but I have also read countless support forums on the overheating where people have cleaned and even replaced the fans to no avail. I shouldn't be having the issues I am while playing ET. The game itself isn't exactly resource heavy. I've got factory onboard graphics card(shitty I know, but far superior to my desktops 8 year old onboard graphics card) and superior in just about every way to my desktop, including the connection speed I am playing from. My laptop specs are 2.50GHz 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3210M Processor with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.10GHz 6GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 DIMM) Intel HD graphics 4000 with up to 1696MB total graphics memory 1TB 5400RPM hard drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection Basically I have the equivalent of like 4 of my desktop PC in this laptop but have issues I never experienced on my desktop. I am %1000 certain I am getting problems because of the overheating and it's just slowing the thing down. So, any suggestions to attempt to offset the overheating other than simple clean/replace the fan.
  6. I'm going to faint lol.
  7. Yeah that was serious. How long does it take you to produce a vid like this?
  8. Yeah I did. The mini games were fun. I didn't expect that. I've never played in those type of game modes on any server before. I'm looking forward to a Jaymod gameday. I was having fun with the rifle nades but the mechanics are different for noquarter.
  9. 2 Hours of game play footage, sabotaged by my lowly cpu... I couldn't use it to make anything. What a pittance!!!
  10. Sooooo.... I've been up since 9:00AM my time and just worked all night up until 4:00AM lol.... really fighting with the decision to stay up for the start of gameday... sucks azz I have to work again tonight lol. Ugh.
  11. ARCHON

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2015

    Looks like for now it is just you and I von Rantala... I hoped more would play. No worries though. If more don't us up I'll fill the league with yahoo sports members about a week before the draft.
  12. Okay so I tried to use the converter becuase I really don't want to miss this but I admit I am a serious dummy and still confused. I am in New Jersey so in Philadelphia/NY time zone. Can anyone let me know for certain what time this will be in my timezone. Sorry for asking but I view a bunch of webinars from London and always get the times wrong when converting start times to my own timezone.
  13. This was high comedic value but I think the best trickjump vid I have seen to date is acid's. That seen I think this makes total number of trick jump vids I have viewed = 2. Very funny vid though lo.
  14. OMG... those are some nice kills. I guess I'm lucky to have lived through an encounter with you lol.

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