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  1. w00tw00t!

    Welcome to our forum I'm glad you were here registered a good player like you to meet Silent server.
  2. ME

  3. Funny

  4. Happy birthday N!COT!N3 :)

    Happy b-day
  5. RIP RaY; ingame Explo!d

    Although I have this man but nevertheless expresses its condolences to all the family and all that knew him. Rest In Peace RaY
  6. Funny video [media= ]http://youtu.be/8XFBUM8dMqw[/media]
  7. im wery stupid!!!!!!

    I shot you in the little finger of the left hand charge 4.57mm steel CO2 BB gun I'm stupid but what now ...: /
  8. My baby

    I fell in love, so take care of him as it will not let him rot on scrapyard heart will not let me
  9. http://youtu.be/hPB0soP_AXA
  10. hi guys

    thx guys. ILL BE BACK
  11. hi guys

    I'm sorry that now go to the server a little but I got pneumonia I do not feel very well heal thank you for your understanding