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  1. ghi23

  2. website Notifications From Homepage

    I have the same problem tho (using firefox) Just use the link Kari sent you and it's all good
  3. Hi from Lilly! :)

    Bienvenue Tu verras, on s'amuse autant sur le forum que sur le serveur
  4. Hello from Québec, Canada

    Bienvenue sur notre forum
  5. et server suggestion Silent Servers Map Voting

    Also, we should delete baserace or at least have a more stable version : When the server is full we got error message like this ( http://bildr.no/image/MEhkYTlW.jpeg ). Which is really annoying especially when you can't aim (like myself) and the only shoot that should hit are "disabled" -> Hello darkness my old friend, i've come to talk with you again PS: glad you made that topic schnee
  6. How to install settings?

    If you are talking about a CFG then you have to "put" it in your ETmain file, then you execute it when you're in game (in whatever server you're playing on) by doing /exec AndTheNameOfYourCFG
  7. Shuffle command

    You have the !putteam command, which is more than enough for server with 30 players max, you only need to move one or two players max. Even admins that have shuffle command don't use it much, and can only use it during warm-up (never after a match has started)
  8. Evening Teams Revisited

    You have to use common sense as well. If teams are stack and there is a different of scores and yet the map isn't being rushed (or blocked at first spawn for the attacking team) it's ok. And as said above, the attacking team need to be a bit stronger than the defending team. You have a lot of things to consider; KD, scores, timer, what's the situation on the map, what players are focused on (kill, objective etc...) . That's why the rules on the wiki (concerning keeping teams even) are just the basics, every situations are different. Edit : Cheep beats me
  9. Happy Birthday to schNee

    Happy BDay
  10. ET key loss? system formated

    That is really weird. Your XPs are saved on the server files, the GUIDs (PBguid and/or Silent guid) are like your ID. If you change those (by deleting your files) you won't have the same ID anymore and so won't be recognized
  11. ET key loss? system formated

    Well loosing your LVLs isn't the problem, the problem is your XPs I guess. See that as a challenge So now, after you got your LVLs back, send your ETKEY and SILENT.DAt to yourself or upload it in a cloud, incase something wrong happen again (if you need help feel free to PM me )
  12. ET key loss? system formated

    You should have sent a mail to yourself containing both SILENT.DAT and ETKEY , just in case something wrong happen. If you lost your files, you will indeed loose your XPs, you won't have LVLs either but to fix that you'll just have to update your GUIDs and you're good to go. (I lost 1.000.000 XP due to that as well xD)
  13. ...happy birthday to SHAPE

    Happy BDay <3