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  1. Hey!


    It's been a while since we last saw eachother. I hope you're doing well!


    Drop by HC sometime. You have been sorely missed

  2. Z3r0 8 Band - Show on Casa Kenty - Rio Preto - São Paulo - Brazil
  3. Thor+

    hola plv! :hi:kis:

  4. Thor+ playing drums! Just an essay recorded with cell phone. Recording sucks!
  5. Thor+

    Hey bro! thx for you post! I will stay active on website! nice website! I like here! 

    Have a good day! see ya.. :thumbsup


  6. hey D A M A S K+ :thumbsup

  7. hey brooo!!! :hi


  8. The last band of the Thor+ I'm drummer but I have not played in 2 years. Z3r0 8 band from Araraquara - São Paulo - Brazil
  9. hi bro! how r you? :hi

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